Mailbox beta coming soon to OS X

Mailbox for iPhone

We'll admit to being fans of the Mailbox app for iOS, and now our fandom might just have to expand to Mac OS X as well. Today Dropbox, who bought Mailbox a year ago, announced that they are bringing the mail client to OS X in beta form.

We don't have many details on how Mailbox will work on OS X, but we imagine it will quite similar to the iOS version, and that Dropbox will leverage their formidable cloud infrastructure to sync your mail snoozing, lists, and everything else that makes Mailbox between your various devices. In addition to Mailbox for OS X, Dropbox also announced Mailbox for Android and collaborative editing for Dropbox users.

If your interested in signing up for the OS X Mailbox beta, you can check it out at

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Mailbox beta coming soon to OS X


I also heard they have launched an android version. See...this is why it's hard for me to switch to android right now. I've had mailbox since Feb '13 and a little over a year later it comes to android. I'm hesitant to switch because it seems that really great apps come to the iphone 1st. Any thoughts on my dilemma imore fam?

It does seem like Android gets apps way later than iOS which is kind of annoying. I think that the interfaces functioning differently is to blame (iOS is more gestured and intuitive based IMO). Other than that, I would say that it's because iOS is just a more popular platform, in terms of the App Store, so developers want to get it to that platform first. Targets more people.

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I can't wait! Signed up for the beta. Airmail is a great alternative but to really allow the iOS version to play nicely with a Mac version, then obviously the Mailbox for Mac will be awesome!

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Love the mailbox app but I still don't get why it does not yet have a drafts folde. Isn't that basic for all mail apps?

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I loved the mailbox app, but I don't use it now, because there is no yahoo mail support... I love having my mail unified... So it is!