Mailbox app comes to Mac as beta

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Mailbox, the e-mail client from Dropbox typically restricted to mobile, is coming to desktops with a brand new Mac app. It's still in a closed public beta format for which you'll need to request a "betacoin" to access, but it's looking good already. If you already signed up on the waiting list, check your inbox.

The Mailbox beta includes support for drafts, so unfinished messages are stored locally and eventually will sync across devices. There's also a "snooze to desktop" feature live that will let you shunt messages to your computer that you don't have time to answer on your mobile device. The interface looks very polished as is, and we're eager to see how the product evolves.

Anyone eager to sign up for the Mailbox for Mac beta can get started here. Are any of you guys using Mailbox for iPhone or iPad? Is your current desktop e-mail client ripe for a replacement?

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Mailbox app comes to Mac as beta


Yea, it's really sad that Apple can't get Mail working better. It was one of my favorite things about OSX. I was quite sad to have to give it up, but eventually switched to Postbox.

While I've been fairly happy with Postbox in how it works and feature-wise, I still miss Mail, especially with it's great look and e-mail rendering and creation. Postbox still feels 'clunky' when composing an e-mail, especially with attachments, and it misses nice things like preview when printing, etc.

Mailbox looks like it has potential, so is certainly something I'll keep my eyes on.

What is the point of supporting drafts? Every IMAP server supports drafts, and in a time when most people have multiple devices, that's where they belong. Why replace something that just works with something that might eventually work in the future? Sorry, don't get it.

No offense, but IMHO articles about alternative mail clients should at least provide some info about which email services are supported. Reading the comments here, like "no Yahoo support", this piece of junk should not even be graced with the badge email client, when it is obviously only a fronted to some proprietary Schmutz that does not even follow standards.

Does/will this hand Handoff support with the iOS version? I use and like Airmail but there's no iOS version of that...

It's so interesting, because way back in the day, this would have come to Windows desktop before Mac. Now the whole world is flipped around. Cray!

I really think Office's Outlook is still the best for productivity. It supports any IMAP or POP emails and all the rest. And is good on the Mac and or Windows.

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I really think Office's Outlook is still the best for productivity. It supports any IMAP or POP emails and all the rest. And is good on the Mac and or Windows.

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Get back to us when this, or any other app reviewed on this site, is freely available to ANYONE who wants to purchase it. I'm tired of breathless reviews of some amazing application that is not available to anyone but a select few and won't be for months or years to come, it smacks of complete elitism.

All you have to do is sign up on their website and get a beta key mailed to you. I signed up quite a while back when they announced it and got my key a few hours after their "it's here" email.

Can anyone sign up for a beta key? Are there going to be an unlimited number available, or is there a cutoff point beyond which everyone else will have to wait for the general release of the product in order to install it? If there isn't, then what is the point of the beta keys in the first place, just release the product and use the feedback from users for improvements in future versions as is the norm with all software products. Why add the additional step of having to have a key?

Mailbox, well I got my betacoin and the App the can kept spitting the coin out
So I got another coin ... now it keeps asking me to login using dropbox so I enter my email and password, OVER and OVER and OVER
Mailbox = JUNK

Wow, some folk on the comments are pissy today! Obviously, if you already use Mailbox on iOS you got the notification to sign up for the beta test. If your not already using Mailbox, you can't get the the notification and you cannot beta test. This post was for those of us who are. Secondly, the lack of support for Yahoo! has been an issue for a while and from what I understand the issue is on Yahoo's! side. So again, known issue for those of us already using Mailbox on iOS, beta is invite only, please don't complain until you get the app in your hands on the full release version.

On a lighter note, I do have three beta coins to share if anyone is interested. and wants to PM me through the forums.

Agreed! I remember when Gmail was "beta-only" and apparently for elitists... In fact they were the first I recall to do this whole "you need to be part of the club to be part of the club" thing. (They may not have actually been the first, but my recollection bones are a bit light on the calcium today.)