Mailbox ditches reservation system, opens to everyone with a Gmail account

Mailbox ditches reservation system, opens to everyone with a Gmail account

Popular email app Mailbox has annonced that they have gotten rid of their reservation system. In a post on the company blog, the team says that they are now delivering over 100 million messages per day:

Good news! Mailbox is now available without having to wait in line. After 10 weeks of around-the-clock hard work, our engineering team has scaled the Mailbox service to deliver over 100 million messages per day (and growing). We believe we can now confidently handle new users as they sign up, so we’ve pulled down the reservation system.

Mailbox launched with the controversial reservation system in March, letting users in on a first come, first serve basis. When they were acquired by Dropbox last month, they team said that they would be utilizing the Dropbox team’s experience with handling a large number of users in order to scale faster, and it would seem that it paid off. Just over a month later, and anyone who wants access to Mailbox can get it immediately. For those who want to use Mailbox but don’t use Gmail, hopefully this means that they can start expanding support for other email services soon.

Have you been patiently waiting in line for your Mailbox?

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arikjones says:

How is your source an iMore article?

Les74 says:

I just downloaded this. Haven't played much but so far it seems pretty good.

eatbear says: support to ditch iOS native client :(

eatbear says:

Facebook revamped to 6.0 brings chat heads within the app!

vianar says:

I like where this is going but still need support for more than just gmail if I am going to make the switch. Please let us know as soon as they do, if they do. Also, I would love to know if there is Dropbox integration, ie save to or place attachments from. Since they are one company now.

viinsanity says:

I signed up a bit after Mailbox came out and had a reservation number of like 700,000. Eventually got invite and used for a bit but then stopped. Have way too many emails in my inbox to be useful for my 'workflow.' Glad to see that others can now try it out and see!

vwarp says:

I tried it, excellent app, however I can't get used to not having or using my labels..

asuperstarr says:

Well it took so long, I deleted the app. Not that interested anymore. Isn't this app just for gmail accounts.

wamadden4 says:

No fair... i had to wait a long time.... it was worth it!!!

angermeans says:

Mailbox is one of my favorite and most used apps on my iPhone 5. It Is clean, fast, and a great way to reinvent mail. If you haven't given this excellent app a whirl do it.

Tv1tter says:

Hi Folks,

Can anybody explain to me why would some company implement such a big project and give it away for free? Honestly I don't get it... not that I don't like it... but why?

Also, what is the security of such products if you have to give your password to gmail account? I am still a bit hesitant to share it. Maybe if we knew that it is not stored on Mailbox servers or encrypted in some way. Again I am not an expert but it would be great to hear some answers how does it work. Anybody?

Have a nice day :)

SoggyTempura says:

I've been using the service/app for a few days now. It's not too bad. There is definitely an adjustment to how it works coming from the Gmail app from Google, or even the iOS mail app. I am digging it though. It will definitely be nice when they update to support more email services.