Mailbox for iPad available now!

We knew it was coming, but now Mailbox for iPad is here! Released today into the App Store, Mailbox for iPad provides the same great email experience as the iPhone version but optimized for the larger screen. The iPad version comes by way of an update to the main app.

We've only been playing around with it for a short time, but first impressions are good. All the same great mail management features translate nicely to the larger screen, and swiping feels even more natural on the iPad. The added screen real estate gives you a 2-pane view, so you can scroll through your inbox while reading a message.

Also included in the update is a bunch of bug fixes, without saying which bugs they're fixing. It is also still Gmail only for the time being folks. The download is live in the App Store now, so go get it! Then come back and tell us how you like it.

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Reader comments

Mailbox for iPad available now!


Awesome, looks great. Still useless to me until it supports more than just Gmail so I am waiting eagerly until that day comes. Good job.

UGh!! could someone help. I installed this app on my iphone and tried to make all 1800 notifications go away but "archiving all" and now it moved all the email to "all mail folder" and if i actually open something through regular mail app my inbox is completely empty!

is there a way to undo this?

Gmail moves everything to the all mail folder. Anything you read, save, send, delete, goes to the all mail folder. It is a bad feature to me. If I save an email to another folder, I do not need it in all mail. I use another mail account to send, and save mail. I deleted all the mail in the all mail folder. Every time I read Gmail, I delete the mail in the all mail folder after deleting it in the inbox. I am not sure if you just delete the folder itself, will Gmail still save everything you do somewhere else. I can see the benefit if you accidentally delete an email, you will still have it in the all mail folder, but it is more of a problem than a help. Just to let you know, if you delete anything in the all mail folder, it will be deleted from your archived folder, or any other folder you saved the mail to.

This app is the worst thing that could ever happen, it's messed up my Gmail beyond repair. I honestly don't understand why it gets promoted when it fugs with your emailbox without a way to ever go back!

I've spent 3 hours yesterday sorting through my "all mail" folder and moving things back into the "inbox" by hand, going through over 10000 mail messages. And still, everything is screwed up -- if I use the Gmail app, I can actually see all the email in my "inbox", yet when I use the native iphone mail app, the only thing that it loads into my inbox are messages that are from december or older, i'm not able to see any messages from the last 3 month. Sure, someone could argue that it's a gmail issue, but point is i never had this issue until this stupid app came in and moved everything around without a way to go back.

I'm beyond frustrated with the developers and the app, it honestly is the worst thing that could ever happen to your mail.

I'm now testing out moving all my inbox gmail over to icloud to see if my phone will load the complete inbox and that may be the only way to get my mail working again -- to actually switch to another mail provider!