Mailbox for iPhone and iPad adds new languages, Passbook support and more


Mailbox for iPhone has just received a really nice update. Today's update adds new languages and features, like the ability to print. Mailbox is one of our favorite email apps for iPhone and created by Dropbox. We can't wait to check out today's update!

Head into the Apple App Store and you'll find Mailbox sitting at version 2.1 with the following changes:

  • Now translated into 19 languages, including Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (both European and Latin American), Swedish, Thai and English
  • View spam and mark messages as spam
  • Print emails
  • Star emails
  • Passbook support
  • Permanent delete from trash and spam
  • Support for 24-hour clock
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

The biggest addition to Mailbox would probably be its increased language support. There are some nice new features today, but now people who prefer to use their native language can. Look forward to support for Chinese, German, Spanish and others!

New features you can use today include Passbook support. Passbook attachments on your iPhone can be automatically saved in today's Mailbox update. Enjoy the ability to print emails, or mark them as spam in today's update.

Fan of Mailbox? Grab today's update and let us know your favorite new feature!

Source: Mailbox

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Reader comments

Mailbox for iPhone and iPad adds new languages, Passbook support and more


Does anyone know if all your email still flows through their servers? I was never so much a fan of that particular aspect. I suppose being owned by Dropbox I trust their servers a little more, but only a little...

It is still the case (until they say the contrary), but they are very transparent about what they do with our information. They use it for push notifications and delayed messages. Never noticed any unusual activity in my account from their part.

I see no reason to distrust them, but I don't have sensitive data in my Gmail. Even if I had, I would consider using the app as it's way faster than the Gmail official app (I'm not really into this great design or "clever swipe" thing, but I want fast, reliable notifications and background sync).

Mailbox is yesterday's news for me. It's just a glorified gmail mail app so until it gets support for personalized accounts it's going to fall behind in my opinion on popularity. I've since become a fan of the Boxer email app for iOS.

Finally allows to add passes to the Passbook app. Before you had to launch the email/attachment in Safari and then add to Passbook (or you couldn't add it at all).

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The app sucks. It's to basic. Missing critical features. It's terrible. Can't get anything productive done with it.

Sent from the iMore App

thx chauticbuddhist & counterculture. i guess i never received a passbook attachment before so i wasn't aware of the process.

The app does kind of suck. It was built for Gmail. And what happens to 99.9% of gmails after being read? They get Archived. No? Yet the archive button for an open email is the size of an ant (truth), in the very upper right hand corner, tucked between the folder and delete buttons. Having to reach and precisely hit that little check-mark to archive hundreds of emails a day was enough for me to stop using this app.