Mailbox updated with cloud search, account specific signatures, and more

Mailbox updated with cloud search, account specific signatures, and more

Mailbox, now part of Dropbox, has been updated to version 1.5 and that means you can now search not only local messages, but all the email stored up on the Gmail cloud. If you have multiple accounts, you can now also assign unique signatures to each and every one of them, and if you have Google's Chrome browser installed, you can choose to open links in that rather than Apple's built-in Safari.

Grab Mailbox, or the update, from the App Store now, and when you've tried it out, let me know how much it eases your mail pain.

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Mailbox updated with cloud search, account specific signatures, and more


I recently switched over to Mailbox from the Gmail App (push notifications are a must) and I have been really impressed. It's too bad Apple didn't buy them for the stock app. The lack of the ability to search all Gmail history was a bummer, and now that has been fixed. Next up on the wishlist is the ability to combine more than just Gmail accounts (Hotmail, yahoo, etc).

As long as it still has the same drawbacks it makes no sense for some users, me being one of them. If it still only supports only GMail then I would need to use two apps to deal with my GMail, Exchange, iCloud and emails. Especially with the updates in iOS7 coming the iOS mail app does wonderfully for me. The next problem is that for users who have already set up folders/tags for emails the Mailbox app ignores them and forces the user to re-create them or use different ones. It splits existing filed emails and newly Mailbox filed emails making it a mess to find in the GMail interface or if you decide not to use the app. If a user already deals with their mail the app should enhance the experience and make it better and easier. This is just my opinion and what I expect of my apps.

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