Mailbox updated, lets you attach files from Dropbox

Mailbox updated, lets you attach files from Dropbox

Mailbox has received the promised update that lets users attach files directly from Dropbox. Integration like this has been expected ever since Dropbox acquired Mailbox back in March. To do this, simply compose a new message and tap the paper clip icon at the bottom of the window. After allowing Mailbox access to Dropbox, a list of your Dropbox folders and files will pop up, letting you select any file you want.

Joseph Keller

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heberman says:

Nice. Maybe I'll give this app another try.

Dionte says:

Is it still gmail only?

ericesque says:

Yup. I am dying for Outlook support... The change log says support for other services is coming soon. Lets hope their definition of soon is the same as ours!

Ross Mathis says:

Yeah. I mean if I want just Gmail I'll download the Gmail app. LOL!