Mailbox users; link your Dropbox account for an extra 1GB free storage!

Here's a handy tip for Mailbox users to get some extra, totally free, storage in their Dropbox accounts. Mailbox was acquired by Dropbox not too long after it launched, and has since seen updates to add integration for Dropbox attachments. Now though, it seems the Dropbox connection goes a little further, as noticed by The Next Web:

"Once Mailbox’s iOS app is installed, just go to the Settings menu, tap on “Dropbox”, add your account information, and voilà! you now have more space to store photos, files, music, and movies. Don’t worry if you’ve already connected the two services together — just unlink them and reconnect again to pick up the 1GB."

We've tried this ourselves, and we're happy to verify that indeed it does work. Instantly upon linking the two accounts, an extra 1GB of storage gets added to your total. Mailbox may still only be for Gmail users, but the Dropbox connection looks to be coming good. Thanks Dropbox!

Source: The Next Web

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Reader comments

Mailbox users; link your Dropbox account for an extra 1GB free storage!


Awesome - my 6GB was nearly full from automatic photo backup, this will help tide me over a little longer. Yay!

Copy is excellent and cheaper than Dropbox. It offers you more space for free
than Dropbox. Both are good and both come with the desktop client to
sync your files to their cloud servers.

Check it out and use this link to sign up for Copy to get 20GB free instead of the regular 15GB

I have 622 Gigs of free space in Copy. 3rd party API is great and all, and I use Dropbox for the Mail app, but I use Copy for EVERYTHING else on my computer, like backing up my whole hard drive. So yeah, Copy kind of beats Dropbox over all for me right now.

Im not a tech know-it-all or anything in that matter but sounds to me like COPY is a great service too. I'll be using both Copy and Dropbox unless there's a law that prohibits it. Is there? Lol

Of course not! I use both. Because I use Mailbox as my email app on my iPhone, I store all my documents, pdf's and work photos in Dropbox. I use Copy as my photo/movie folder, backing up everything there as well as storing a copy of my Dropbox folder there that I back up once a week.

Excellent! Thank you for the tip. The extra 1G showed up instantly.

Here's an idea for another article (if you haven't done this already)... top ten ways to get extra free Dropbox space! (like this one you wrote about here--I bet they don't talk about this on the Dropbox site, do they?)