MailTones for iPhone gets new look, more tones


MailTones, by Electric Pocket, has received a nice little update. In case you are unfamiliar with the app it enables iPhones users the ability to change your email tone and set different tones for emails. The newest updated is bundled with 60 more tones raning from discrete bells to more audible horns and buzzers as well as an enhanced overall look and feel with full retina support.

MailTones has been a nice little application for people who want the option to filter their incoming emails. It allows you to set filters to change the priority of an email based on who it was sent from. So for example you can set your boss or your spouse to a higher priority so as soon as the email hits you will get a notification with their special alert you chose and you can respond right away. If you set the filter to make someone less of a priority you know you can wait and get back with them at your earliest convenience. You can also set tones based on domain or by contacts. This would be handy for the professional users who want an easy way to tell if an email has come from someone in their office.

MailTones uses Apple’s Push Notification Service, and offers simple set-up from Gmail, MobileMe and any server which supports "forward a copy" forwarding of email. Costs $3.99.

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There are 10 comments. Add yours.

USAFRetired says:

Even more reason for Apple to release a feature in the upcoming iOS to allow users to add/customize thinks like SMS and email.

killakow says:

exactly. nuff said

John says:

I rather use PushMail which has even more sounds and way more flexibility. Oh and you can read the email directly in the app!

nycjay says:

are there any apps like this, which let you filter by sender, or subject... but, do not require me to forward my email to some external server? our IT guys will not allow us to forward email outside our network... i have been looking, but have not found anything yet.

Joe McG says:

If you can't change the default mail tone you blew it...

happiicamper says:

AWESOME APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have needed this for sooooooo long!!!

JNGold says:

So I have to fwd my emails to some other server/service? Just for a push notification and custom sound? No thanks, I'll pass.

Stephxieh says:

It's worth it for the do not disturb feature! No more bleeps in the night! And for you troll's ready with "it's called the silent button" the vibrate on my nightstand is WAY louder than the bleep!

CJ says:

Just turn the mail account off in the settings when you go to bed. That's what I do when I'm on call over a weekend but don't want email sounds waking me up.