What's your main iOS device? [Poll]

What's you main iOS device, your daily driver, your gateway to the App Store? No doubt many of you have an iPhone, but which one? Those who don't, did you go for iPod touch or iPad, and which model? Even if you have one of everything, which is your most used, your favorite, the one you simply couldn't do without?

We already know a lot of you are just waiting for iPhone 5 to update, but now we want to know what you're going to be updating from. And yes, it's not multiple choice, you're going to have to pick a side!

Vote in the poll up top and give me the details, why you y

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What's your main iOS device? [Poll]


Yeah this poll is flawed. Almost anyone who has a iPhone has to vote that as their main device. It has a phone, its smaller, and its always with you. So it wins by default. But if I'm home, and both are in front of me, sure I'd have to say my iPad 2 is my main device. I rarely download apps or play games on my iPhone, now that i have a iPad 2. So while I prefer the iPad 2, the I have to vote for the iPhone, because its the thing that is never out of my site.

I disagree. I voted iPad 2 since, although the iPhone is with me more often, I work with my iPad far more. I send quick sms messages and make a few calls on my iPhone. I sit with my iPad for hours in front of my TV.

I have an iPhone 3GS and a 4th Gen iPod Touch 64gb - the iTouch is honestly more used then the 3GS - largely because of the 64gb capacity, better screen, and better battery life. If Apple can get me an iPhone 5 that has 64gb or better, plus the battery life (or better) of the iP4, I'll be consolidating down to one.

It's iPad, not "iPad 1." Just because the second model has "2" in its name does not permit you to add a "1" to the prior model's name however implicit it may be.

They can add whatever they want next to the model name "iPad". If you're going to have it your way, keep in mind that the iPad 2 is marketed as iPad, at least right there on the back of an iPad 2. Look if you don't believe me. iPad 1 helps to differentiate the two. I'm sure Tim Cook won't slash any throats over this.

The second model is actually marketed as "iPad" too. Both on the box and on the device backside itself. So it helps to differentiate the two...

HP's component suppliers probably have contracts to produce X widgets by Y date. No doubt HP ordered large numbers in an attempt to achieve economy-of-scale. All stocked up with nowhere to go, unless they make more TouchPads.

Outside of the movies and weddings, I carry both iPhone 4 & iPad 2. I go thru more battery percentages on the iPad than iPhone. So I voted for the iPad 2. Also, my iPad is for personal & business use so I might be a minority.