First major iPad competitor, Motorola Xoom gets reviewed

Android Central reviews the Motorola Xoom, the first Android Honeycomb tablet

First major iPad competitor, Motorola Xoom gets reviewed

While we were busy getting our big iPad 2 review posted, Android Central was knocking it out the park with a complete Android 3.0 Honeycomb-powered Motorola Xoom review. It's bigger, it's Google-ier, and it certainly has more logos on the bezel, but what did our sibling site think about it?

Android's Honeycomb branch has some serious potential. But Android 3.0 is very much a Version 1.0 as far as its tablet OS is concerned. But the hardware Motorola has provided here is powerful (even with quad-core devices waiting in the wings), and we're pretty sure the Xoom won't die as a platform in a month or two. It's solid, and Google's going to use it to improve the Honeycomb experience.

If a 10-inch tablet's the size for you, and you can put up with the weight, and the headaches Android apps catching up to the Honeycomb universe, and the Xoom's LTE radio not yet working, and making do with the 32GB of internal storage while you wait for the microSD card to be activated, and can afford the price, by all means, purchase. You'll be among the first in exciting new world of Android tablets, and the Xoom's not likely to let you down. But if you're looking for something a little more polished, lighter and (eventually) cheaper, you might just want to hold off a bit.

If you want the promise of LTE, an app marketplace not curated by Apple, a more desktop-like OS, and a tablet big enough to beat down an alien invasion, the Motoral Xoom might be a good alternative to iPad 2. Otherwise you might want to wait for an Ice Cream (or... Jello?) based tablet on 2nd generation hardware because you know it's already in the pipeline (Google iterates faster than anyone else in the business right now.)

Check out the whole Motorola Xoom review and Phil Nickinson's hands-on video at the link below!

[Android Central]

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First major iPad competitor, Motorola Xoom gets reviewed


I have a xoom but it's plague with issues like unable to connect to exchange, sync calendars, so search functionality. VPN is horrible and so complicated to setup. Returning it back to store and getting the iPad. Xoom in my opinion is not as what people expect it to be. I don't mind surfing the net and doing lint reading with it but that's a very expensive e-reader.

But now you're "open" and "free" of any kind of "restrictions". You'd think this would be a good thing but instead, all this so called openness and freedom has got you is a buggy and unreliable piece of technology

Wow...that quoted review was from your sister site??? It seriously sounds like a total stab at the tablet...
"If you can wait for this, put up with this, tolerate this, accept this, deal with this, not worry about this, try to ignore this, then this is perfect for you..."

But doesn't this sum up what Android is all about? The last thing I need is to be in a meeting or answering/making a phone call and having to fight my device just so it can do it's most basic function(s). Apple's simplicity approach is the winning key to their formula.

comparing the ipad and the xoom is like comparing ford to chevy or mc d's to burger king. none are better none are worse altogether. some people like being told what they want, some like to make their own decisions.

No it's like comparing a Beemer to a Volovo. The Volvo is a nice car but no one wants to feel nice, u want feel great driving it!
The Xoom has a dumb a** commercial

xoom is trying to make sales and this dude here is getting paid For it, you dont see android central posting anything about iOS products. (iPads, iPods, iPhones and etc).
This is ridiculous and stupid. And watch they will erase my comment and block me. They hate when somebody say things like this.

1st, yes you guys delete any comment you like.
2nd, if you like android, there is the door, and with them, something about apple people we are loyal but in this case, you always have some stupid comment about them.
3rd, imaging how often I go to that web site that a never so that, ok the posted that. And still is stupid.

You mean, you're a blithering idiot.
I'm an Android/Google fanboy through and through, however, I have just as much respect for the TiPb crew as I do AC. They work hard to get news and information out to the readers ASAP. Just because I don't particularly care for iOS or the iPhone doesn't mean I don't want to stay educated on whats going on in the world of smartphones, not just one or the other. Knowledge is power in the world of technology, do you think we'd have had an iPhone if they keep the engineers and development team locked in a box, without dithering into samples of what others were doing, compiling it together to come out with the most revolutionary smartphone ever? Probably not, at least not the first time around.
Sent from my iPad.

I've never had a comment removed, or edited in any fashion, and I have said some pretty unsettling things about Apple and iOS. The only reasons I can see that your comments could've been removed or edited were because you said something completely out of line or insulting/offensive and unrelated to this blog in anyway.

Tony_stark.Rol, You Got Served!
This is why I like the Smartphone Experts Network of sites. Each site may be a bunch of fanboys, but you either invite people from the other sites or link to those sites to provide a different point of view. Plus, you guys make fun of each other all the time (which is half of the fun).

What he said:
- "Android’s Honeycomb branch has some serious potential."
What he meant:
- "Not ready for release yet."
What he said:
- ..."we’re pretty sure the Xoom won’t die as a platform in a month or two."
What he meant:
- "Please Google, don't kill Honeycomb like you did with Google TV."
What he said:
- "You’ll be among the first in exciting new world of Android tablets"...
What he meant:
- "Suckers."

Poor Tony_stark.Rol.. Poor you.. Really brave 1st comment u had there..
Made a mistake and wouldn't admit it. Btw, Xoom had a nice spec, cool OS, fine design. But it is still a Copycat.

Its almost like its the Android G1 vs the iPhone 3gs
. I'm an admitted Android fan and when it came time for me to get a tablet I for the Nook Color and rooted it to get tablet functionality. For me that's part of the fun of Android. That being said I just bought my wife an ipad for her birthday because I wanted to get her something easy to use. In a couple of years when Android on tablets has matured and it's time to give that iPad to the kids maybe we'll take another look at a Honeycomb tablet. The experience that Apple offers in their products is extremely well thought out and simple. The features that they include in products are usually sock rolid but they won't include something until they're awesome. Google gives you a bunch of features but usually without the polish that Apple gives. It really is designers vs engineers. As long as Apple keeps pushing Google to improve their user experience and Google keeps pushing Apple to include more features as users we all win no matter which device we buy. By the way Rene that's probably the best owning of a troll I've ever seen.

The Xoom is more than ready for primetime, Android 3.0 itself is also ready as such. The apps out there are the issue at hand, Google's own apps work just fine for email, web browsing, all work perfectly fine on the Xoom from the time I've spent with it hands on. My buddy's boss just got one to carry around for work, does the IT management for all of the county's gov't buildings and E/911 too. He hasn't said anything about any sort of shortcomings, and he uses the crap out of it for real people work, not a toy lol.
I'd prefer one over my current iPad, but it does what I need it to do for now, minus the Flash thing which really does get irritating sometimes. I love my iOS games and some of the apps, but at the end of the day, there is a comparable version on Android, maybe not tablet specific, yet, but yet is the keyword. Tons of people were saying how we'd never see a lot of certain iOS applications/games on Android and look where we are now.

I'll give TipB a star for offering 10x better iPad 2 coverage than AndroidCentral for Xoom coverage. Presuming they bought the Xoom on launch day or L+1 or L+2, they spent almost 3 weeks to write a review like that? What the frell?! That's a pretty sucky review there. There doesn't seem to be any content there. Ars and Anand get good stars for their Xoom reviews. Even the populist media folks (Mossberg et al) did a better job.

Just remember that android central has a ton more devices to review than does tipb. A new android device is announced almost weekly, while we only get one iPhone and iPad every year.

Yeah sure, but TipB did their coverage in basically 3, maybe 4 days. Anandtech had better "previews" and benchmarking in basically 2 days. They are still going to post a review, but their previews were better. Anandtech obviously has a better Xoom review, which was posted what, at least a week ago.
Expect better. Demand better.

I gotta sell my iPhone to pay for gas. And a couple nights in a hotel with my kids after my wife kicked us out.

Sounds like you didn't have very good judgment when unleashing the one-eyed-monster. Stupid tax can get really expensive, especially when there are kids and/or women involved.

My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You cann't imagine just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!