Make free calls to US and Canadian phones using your iOS device and Google Hangouts

Make free calls to US and Canadian phones using your iOS device and Google Hangouts

Google has released a new version of its Hangouts app for iOS. Google Hangouts lets you have voice and video conversations with other Google Hangouts users. New to this release is the ability to let you call numbers in Canada and the U.S. for free.

Other new features include linking to your Google Voice number for inbound and outbound calls, the ability to see which of your contacts is using Google Hangouts, send and receive animated GIFs, and the ability to turn down music automatically when you get an incoming message.

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moroboshi says:

I wonder why calls cost money in the UK. Very odd.

mdmitchell13 says:

It's setup in the states so UK is international

davidstorms says:

Not live yet for Google Apps customers?

aiwama says:

"Make free calls to US and Canadian phones" from anywhere in the wider world or just from this planet called North America?

fjleon says:

well, i am in Venezuela and installed hangouts to my itouch 4 and it allowed me to call numbers in the US for free.

On my dad's iphone, it doesn't work, calls are not free. Same thing on his itouch 4.
I don't know what's triggering the detection. I have had android and google voice for a few years already and i created a voice number for him today, other than that i don't know what's causing it

iDisturbia says:

If you don't pay for it, then you are google's product!

BP41 says:

Yep. I use Google search that's it. Not logged in. The others are catching up though. So it may not be too long until I'm completely Google free. Happy days.