Marc Edwards' app design workflow

Marc Edwards' app design workflow

Don't know how I missed this. Marc Edwards, my co-host on Iterate is not only one of the best designers on the planet, but one of the most generous, and on top of all the articles and scripts he's already shared, he's now gone and posted his entire app design workflow on

Here it is — my complete iOS, Android and Mac app design workflow, starting from the first time you open Photoshop, to the app release and beyond. Now seemed like a good time to document how I've been working, because my workflow is about to drastically change again, with the release of Skala.

Perhaps with iOS 7 as well? I'm really looking forward to seeing how Marc updates the Bjango apps, and if -- and how -- his workflow evolves. In the meantime, if you're interested in app design, check out how one of the best in the business goes about practicing his craft.


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Marc Edwards' app design workflow