Martin Reisch talks iPhone 5 camera vs Canon 5D Mark II and RED Scarlet

Professional photographer and videographer, and Instagram legend Martin Reisch -- *safe solvent™ -- talks about the iPhone 5 camera, how he decides between shooting with the iPhone vs. the Canon 5D Mark III and the RED Scarlet, and tips for aspiring iPhoneographers.

Update: And here's Martin testing the lowlight capabilities of the iPhone 5.

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Reader comments

Martin Reisch talks iPhone 5 camera vs Canon 5D Mark II and RED Scarlet


Alright, this is the most insane comparison every made by a reasonably sound person. That's like comparing a tricycle with a 2005 Lamborghini (Canon 5D).

I don't even think he read the text... since nowhere does it say that Martin compares the iPhone's camera to the Canon 5D Mark III and the RED Scarlet

Leanna, read the title of the article. It implies a direct comparison. I watched the video and the only comparison was opinion based on when the subject would use a point and shoot (iPhone 5) or his DSLR. It was a complete waste of my time. Sorry for the negative criticism.

I have to 100% agree. if you say "vs" you're pitting one against another. I feel it's a poor title. A better title would have been "Martin Reisch talks when he uses iPhone 5 camera vs when he uses a Canon 5D Mark II and RED Scarlet"

But to title that an article that way is is to present a topic that the video didn't really address. In fact had someone come to me with an academic paper with that title I'd send it back and say, "do it over the title is misleading. If you don't mean to compare actual cameras then sentence needs to be different." As for this piece you simply would avoid such responses if the title had been something like, "Interview with Martin Reisch about the Advancements of Smart Phone Camera's" or something to that effect. No offense. That's my opinion on the matter.

I guess the point is you can take good pictures with an iPhone. But I have yet to see a GREAT photo with one. But taking interesting photos is most important.

I agree with Mr. Reisch; smartphone camera technology is starting to plateau, and any further improvements are likely to be incremental rather than major breakthroughs from now on. I don't think they'll ever replace a DSLR in picture quality, but they have pretty much replaced point & shoots as a companion and backup to the DSLR. I haven't used a point & shoot camera in years. It's pretty amazing what these smartphone cameras are capable of nowadays. I might end up getting an iPhone 5 just for that camera.

Pretty useless interview, the guy hasnt even taken one picture with the iphone 5 yet, and you are trying to get an opinion about the camera. Maybe the interview should have taken place AFTER he actually used the camera on the 5.

Sorry you didn't find value in a pro shooter sharing some of the insight he's gained on tool selection, and the place of the iPhone in his toolset.

I'd argue that speaks more to what was extracted than what was presented, but it'd be redundant. Keep an eye on Martin's work with the iPhone 5 though (like the pic at the bottom of the post).

Insert random ninja saying about emptying tea cups

I thought this was a great video. I learned 2 things: He's smart enough to shoot a quick picture on his phone to "sorta" see what it would look like before he spends time and energy on pulling out the heavy artillery (very smart), and "shoot, shoot, shoot. But don't post, post post." So what if the article title implies something to you. If you're an aspiring photographer, you just learned something.