Massive Infinity Blade 3 update introduces enhanced character customization

Infinity Blade 3 just launched a huge update called Blade Masters which adds a ton of new gameplay options to the classic one-on-one dueling game. Challengers both old and new are being introduced, a training bot has been added to hone your skills, and there are a bunch of new customization options to deck out your characters in different colors of armor and personalized animations.

The hardcore Deathless mode has been tweaked so weapons can be mastered up to level 50, and finishing deathless quests will instantly finish any crafting you have going. Of course there are new levels, new weapons (including solar trans from previous games), new enemies, and new items to dig into.

The 1.3 update to Infinity Blade 3 is out now in the App Store. If you haven't played this yet, it's certainly worth it, especially since the game is enjoying a discount of more than half off right now.

Simon Sage

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