MediaFire's new cloud storage plan offers 1TB of storage for $5/month

MediaFire on iPhone

MediaFire has announced new pricing for their cloud storage service which is certainly competitive. They’re now offering a full terabyte for $5/month, and are knocking down that price by half as an early bird promotion. $2.50/month for a full terabyte of cloud storage with file sizes of up to 20GB is nothing to scoff at, and between a recently-refreshed desktop client and updated Android and iOS apps on the way, it very well may suit your needs.

I’ve been using MediaFire for awhile, and though it hasn’t managed to dislodge Dropbox from my day-to-day work (if only because Dropbox plugs into just about everything), MediaFire still manages to have a solid UI and has tons of storage available. Check out our price comparison of other cloud services to see what kind of prices you’ll be dealing with elsewhere.

It’s an uphill battle when dealing with giants like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Cloud Drive in this sphere, but if nothing else, MediaFire is offering impressive bang for buck. Anyone interested? Even if it’s not used for day-to-day syncing, at that price it’s viable for long-term back-up. Head on over to MediaFire to sign up.

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MediaFire's new cloud storage plan offers 1TB of storage for $5/month


Glad to see this space getting more competitive! I would love to rely on Box or Dropbox for everything but despite the way they work with other apps, pricing is the killer for my large library of family photos and home movies.

Looks like a great deal and I'd be willing to jump on it, but two things worry me: Firstly, their iOS app hasn't been updated since last July - it doesn't seem like priority for them. Secondly, other services that in the past offered larger storage for cheaper prices tended to be verrrry slow for uploading.

Anyone have further info/experiences with regard to either of those concerns?

True! ;)

Though given a 9-month wait, I'm still sorta questioning their commitment to the app...

I may take my chances, however, given the deal.

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I must be missing something. I just created a new MediaFire account (via the Desktop version) and the only free option I'm offered is 10Gb. From there it goes to $5/mo for 100Gb up to 500Gb for $25/mo.
How do I get a Tb for $2.50/mo (or even $5/mo for that matter)?