Meet ‘Task One’, a Swiss Army type of iPhone case launching soon on Kickstarter

Former Apple engineer, Addison Shelton has invented a rather unique iPhone case that combines a sturdy poly-carbonate body with aircraft grade aluminium. The unique part of this particular case is that it houses 16 tools within the case that can be pulled out in a similar fashion to the world famous Swiss Army Knife.

By diligently sticking to his design goals of combining the best features of a multi-tool with the protection and slim fit of a well-designed case, Task One bridges the gap between an iPhone case and a multi-tool. “I utilized advanced materials and manufacturing to create a slim multi-tool case that can stand up to heavy use, keep your phone safe and be so slim it adds little more bulk than other common cases,” says Shelton. It can be used in any situation requiring a multi-tool, from a camping trip to a home repair – the tools are robust and always stored in the phone case for near instant access. Sliders on the back of the phone make for easy access to the tools, and integrated spring and detents assemblies lock the tools in place both when in use and during storage.

The iPhone case has tools for almost any quick job including a 2.5” knife, saw, various screwdrivers, bottle opener, pliers, wire cutters, allen keys and it even includes a kickstand so you can put your iPhone on a table to watch a movie.

The new ambitious project is set to make an appearance for funding on Kickstarter later this week where more details will be revealed. While I am sure having all of these tools available wherever you have your iPhone is a good thing, it worries me that using your iPhone as a screwdriver or saw handle is not the best way to keep that screen scratch free. Also taking your iPhone on a flight may prove very problematic trying to get it past airport security. If you are interested in seeing the case in action, you can visit the Task One Facebook page to see a video.

What do you think of the Task One case?

Source: 9to5 Mac

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Meet ‘Task One’, a Swiss Army type of iPhone case launching soon on Kickstarter


There's no way I'm using my brand new iPhone 5 as a screwdriver or any other tool! I have plenty of other multi-function tools to handle any job.

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