Mein Gott! Deutsche Telekom Signs Exclusive Agreement with Apple - iPhone Kommen to Germany!


Reuters reports that German mobile operator Deutsche Telekom has signed an exclusive agreement with Apple, bringing iPhone to the land of bier and lederhosen. The terms of the deal remain undisclosed, but according to one source an announcement from both sides will come as early as next week.

Neither company is offering comments at this time, but when asked by reporters whether a partnership had been reached, a press agent for T-Mobile clicked his heals together, raised one arm in solute, and shouted "Jawohl!".

So there you have it. Willkommen zur Partei, Deutschland!


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Mein Gott! Deutsche Telekom Signs Exclusive Agreement with Apple - iPhone Kommen to Germany!


K. So T-mobile signed a contract in Germany to use the Iphone. I assume its a GSM network. Obviously not the same as the USA but the Iphone is still recognizing a T-mobile SIM and and utilizing a GSM. So would a US t-mobile user be able to A "German" Iphone. Just thinking out loud. Blast me if im totally wrong here.

Most (if not all) of Europe is on GSM. As for the t-mob sim, I'm sure 'they' have figured a way to differentiate between a Europe t-mob sim and US t-mob sim. Not that it matters, since 'we' seem to be able to now cheaply (read 'free') unlock our phones.

This site should be called "Cut, Copy, Paste" or "Old News iPhone". Every story is from another site. Boring. I will just read those sites from now on.

Sorry, do you have a link to your own iPhone site that we can compare? ;)
Seriously though, thanks for your input...and unfortunately you are correct, to some extent. I work as a freelance web designer, so this blog isn't how I earn my living. I have to devote most of my time to my "real job" and treat this site as a hobby. But I hope to change that soon, I have certain ventures in negotiation that will help take this site to the next level and enable me more time to create original content.

Just wanted to light a fire under your ass. This could be a really cool site, I like the cleanliness( is a mess), but please think different. Thats what will get you going full time. How about a "Want Section" for starts where users can post and rate ideas or wants for the iPhone. No, I don't have my own's too much work. I see you added two post since.

And it should be "Mein Gott! Deutsche Telekom Signs Exclusive Agreement with Apple - Das iPhone kommt to Germany!"
Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany,