Mercedes and Bentley bring some tire smoking prestige to Real Racing 3

The choice of cars in Real Racing 3 isn't exactly poor, but we'll always take more, especially when more comes in the form of prestige vehicles from Mercedes Benz and Bentley. The Bentley Continental GT and Mercedes SLS joins an already impressive list of cars that includes the Bugatti Veyron. And, Real Racing 3 also now has a brand new Time Trial mode for you to give them both a run out in.

Updates to Real Racing 3 never take the form of a few bug fixes, and the continued development and addition of new cars and races is one of many things that keeps me coming back for more. On top of new cars and race modes, not to mention another 180 events, there's now extra opportunities to earn more in-game currency. The first race of the day gives you some, consecutive days play gives you more, and driving a clean race also lines your pockets.

As always, Real Racing 3 is a free download, financed by in-app purchases. If you're lucky enough to have a "high-end" device to play it on, this latest update also has some improved graphics with improvements to per-pixel shadowing. No word on which devices they may be, but it's safe enough to assume the iPad 4 and iPhone 5 would fit that category. With the addition of yet more to Real Racing 3, is it still delivering the goods for you?

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Richard Devine

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Reader comments

Mercedes and Bentley bring some tire smoking prestige to Real Racing 3


This update is a huge downgrade:

1) The AI is utterly pathetic. I once used to struggle with some races but now you can easily leave the other racers in the dust. I was overlapping in many races and was like 1000yds ahead in races where I once had problems in!

2)The R$ rewards have been decreased. I once used to get around 6000 - 8000 for the cup and endurance races. Now I get around 3000 - 5000 even though I came 1st.

3)The stupid new 'career progression' restricts the freedom of buying whatever car you want. I was about to purchase the Nissan R35 before the update but now I find that the car is 'locked' and to unlock it I will have to compete in other events. Oh but wait, to 'unlock' those events I have to buy a car I have no interest in buying and win a specific number of trophies. So basically to get a specific car you have to buy two or three other cars!

4)The simulation aspect of repairing and servicing your car is completely gone, only to be replaced with a retarded arcade style of overall servicing. You can't service individual parts anymore. Now the whole car has an overall condition that deteriorates after a few races. So that means less time racing. Now I can only have two or three races with my Porsche 911 gt3 before waiting a whole hour for servicing. Before the update I would only service the parts that needed servicing.


This is all the work of money laundering EA. This game was well balanced for a Freemium game before this update but now it's just like any other money grabbing Freemium game. The new cars and time trial event are just a ruse to trick you into giving into EA's trap to dish out more money.

I Hate EA so much, they corrupt and ruin every game and developer they get their greedy hands on.

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Agreed. I hated the update so much I restored an earlier backup... and lost my profile data, with 19 cars and R$1.5M. Now I have to start all over again, so I am using a hacked version with every car purchased, every race unlocked and millions of R$. Shame, as I was about to give EA some $ for an excellent game. Now they will get NOTHING from me.


Looks like one of the best games available for the iphone/ipad got better !! I love this game and cannot believe the graphics considering it runs so smooth on the ipad 4th gen