Mercedes Benz to embrace the iPhone 4S and Siri in its new A-Class vehicles

Mercedes Benz has announced that its new A-Class range of cars will have a new infotainment system which will be centered on the iPhone 4S and Siri. The new system will be announced and demonstrated at the Geneva Motor Show; which takes place next month.

Thanks to a new "Digital DriveStyle App", developed in-house, together with the "Drive Kit Plus for the Apple® iPhone®", drivers can now access all the key content of their Apple® iPhone® through the in-vehicle display and enjoy safe and convenient operation of the device via the Controller on the center armrest. The attractive 'look' is ensured by the revolutionary user interface design. In a further world premiere, Mercedes-Benz will enable access to the voice-based intelligent companion Siri™ in the vehicle. This allows natural speech input, without the need for specific commands, to send messages, select music tracks and check the weather forecast or stock prices, as well as to make appointments. All the iPhone® integration functions can be used even with the entry-level Audio 20 system.

This is the first time that a car manufacturer has incorporated Siri into its vehicle entertainment system and it is certainly a welcome step. The ability to control functions using the car's built in microphone and noise cancelling technology would be a big help to the success rate of Siri's understanding in the car. The new system will be launched initially in Europe with the new Mercedes Benz A-Class vehicle. It should also roll out in the autumn of 2012 for the B, C and E-Class cars.

Source: autoblog

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Reader comments

Mercedes Benz to embrace the iPhone 4S and Siri in its new A-Class vehicles


In what way is the noise cancellation tech even relevant to this subject? The user isn't even gonna hold his iPhone up to his face, anyways.

Hi guys, I just got my iPhone 4s with IOS 5.0 and i can not Jailbreak the phone, BTW i just won the phone from here if I remember correctly, getappleproductsforfree(.)com please help me with a tutorial.

The iPhone is in the glove box on the bottom right of the picture, the screen on the dash is to control the iPhone. My car already has something similar, but not a pretty.

I've got Siri working through my bluetooth in the car already. Nice that someone's gonna do it 'out of the box', but the integration's already available.

The iPhone screen has less surface area to touch. This will make it easier to operate and navigate while driving.

All I want to know is if MBZ will allow me to upgrade the software in my 2011 model to integrate with the iPhone properly?