Messages get beefed up on iOS 8

Messages app now comes with greater controls

As the most used app on an iOS device, Messages got a beefy update that makes it simpler to use, more intuitive, and less annoying. Swipes can now generate specific actions and now with group messages where notifications are going off frequently, you can apply "do not disturb" to the thread so you won't be constantly bombarded with notifications from your group messages.

According to Apple, group messages can also be named and users can be added or removed instantly. You can also remove yourself from the thread if it no longer becomes relevant to you and you can also silence notifications if that particular thread is getting too "chatty" for your taste.

For those who like to be stalked, you can now share your current location or ongoing location through the Messages app so you can share where you are at. This will be a great tool for families.

Messages now group all the shared photos in a thread

There is also now a page for photos at a glance. Instead of having to scroll through your messages, a separate photos page now shows all the pictures you've received in your message thread so you can see all the photos that were shared in that chat.

In an effort to make it easier to share voice, video, and photos in messages, you can now tap to talk, or swipe up to send recorded videos or voice messages. The files are self destructing to save on storage space.

Additionally, audio messages can be played on the lock screen so you can quickly listen to those audio greetings. Life the phone to your ear to play and raise the phone again to reply. Lower the phone and your replied audio message will be sent.

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Reader comments

Messages get beefed up on iOS 8


I was really hoping that ALL photos in Messages would show up in an Album in Photos, with a folder for each user, then those are shared bt the files system, only one copy yet accessible from both apps. Then, if you delete from the album/folder, it's deleted in the message. Shame.

We need some way to expire old photos. My text database got up to 14mb but was using 2.8GB if you included all the photos. We need a quick way to dump old photos. The average user will not know how to do this on their own. Eventually you will fill up the phone and the only way the average user would be able to solve this would be to restore your phone and start all over and lose their text history completely. I am excited that Apple is at least improving on photo management within the Message app.

Hey I found this website that's offering Developer UDID slots for $6. They have direct links to the firmware already too, it's pretty sick.
P.S. SO GLAD they finally got the QuickReply right! Only took them 5 years -_-