New Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone Screenshots

Konami has released some new shots of Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone and iPod touch and they look... snakey! BGR quotes:

A special ‘Advance Edition’ of Metal Gear Solid Touch containing the first 12 stages of the game is scheduled for release on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch in March of 2009. The final release will follow with eight additional stages of gameplay, and will be available to existing players via a free update on the Apple App Store.

Check out their gallery for more grim, gun-splattered goodness!

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Reader comments

New Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone Screenshots


I've been following the coverage of this game on Ign and I am getting very excited about lots of the games coming down for the iPhone.
Now I just need to convince Bungie to get moving on Halo Touch.

Pictures R nice but I heard that the gameplay is not so good. Why sell 12 stages now? Maybe the game isnt finished. Stick with isniper for $1.