Microsoft continues to poke fun at the iPad, but are they actually selling any more tablets?

Microsoft continues to try and use the iPad to sell Windows tablets with this latest effort, starring the Dell XPS 10. Never heard of it? That's possible, since there's a good chance outside of the store you've likely not seen one. The tactic is still the same -- highlight what the iPad can't do, that Windows can -- but at least this time they've moved away from using Office as a weapon.

Aside from being able to insert an SD card -- OK, we can do it with an adaptor, but it's not the same -- it's a pretty weak argument. Does zooming out so far on a 10-inch tablet that the tiles become microscopic really constitute a solid feature to convince someone against buying an iPad? The snap feature is pretty cool, but while you're watching a video are you really going to want to bring up your calendar? Your eyes can still only focus in one place at once. Oh, and that price? Yeah, Dell slashed $200 off the price of the XPS 10 recently. Perhaps they weren't selling all that well?

Kudos to Microsoft for having it about them to go after the biggest player in the space, but are these ads actually selling more Windows tablets? A further thought turns to Office; did Microsoft purposely leave out the iPad from their Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers app for iOS because of their advertising campaign? Previous ads take delight in highlighting that Office isn't available on the iPad, and Microsoft would look pretty dumb if not long after they came out with at least some kind of Office for the iPad. And we're guessing that looking dumb isn't exactly what they're shooting for, even if the iPad is the perfect candidate for a mobile Office app.

So tell us, what do you think of this continuing line of Microsoft ads? Tempting you to pick up a Windows 8 slate or are you still fine and happy with your iPad? Drop a line in the comments!

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Reader comments

Microsoft continues to poke fun at the iPad, but are they actually selling any more tablets?


I think you need to let it go dude. It's an advertisement, they are trying to sell tablets. This just happens to be the marketing campaign they are going for this time. Get over it, it's just business.

"...but while you're watching a video are you really going to want to bring up your calendar?"

Yes, my calendar, twitter, email, etc. Like a Windows tablet, I can multitask (see what I did there?).

But to answer your question: I love my iPad, and have no use for a Windows tablet. Their current ads do not make me want to buy one. I am buying a new ultra book though, but it has nothing to do with these ads. I just need a new laptop.

My thoughts exactly.

I actually like the ad. It won't make me buy a HP tablet because of Apple's ecossystem, but if I could run all my iOS apps on it, I would seriously consider it.

Amen. Every ad that makes fun of Apple - be it from Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, whatever - gets raked over the coals around here, for whatever reason. Because Apple has NEVER produced ads that mock its competition. In the immortal words of Bill Murray, "Lighten up Francis."

Agreed. I don't think that this is about selling tablets, that's just the excuse for the add. The real reason for the ad is to promote Windows 8 features, and to get the message about them out there.

The snap feature is something i would do anything for to get on my iPad.. multitasking is useful, and who ever said it had to be watching a movie while using the calendar? the way i do my reports for school is i use the web browser alongside MS Word to finish my work, being able to see both on the same screen is a huge plus.

This ad won't make me switch to their tablet, I agree it's a rather weak one but let's not blindly bash everything in it

Anytime they mention that it's "cheaper" that's a sure sign of a bad product. Price only comes into it (in advertising) when you are marketing to cheapskates or your product is just one of many with no real differentiation, and no compelling other reason to buy it over any other.

Most of the "cant's" displayed here are not even real things like zooming the iPad screen or putting an SD card in five different places. The only real one is the dual apps thing.

The whole advert comes across to me as "slightly different ... CHEAPER!" So what market segment is that aimed at? Certainly no one who is interested primarily in a good computer.

I think people already know they're cheaper and that Apple is usually more expensive. Yeah, I'd leave it out. MS isn't trying to sell tablets in this series anyways. It's more about windows 8 and the Metro side of it.

I like the commercial and all the previous ones Microsoft made, nothing wrong with competition, putting and iPad next to most tablets makes it look really weak and missing out on stuff. snapping apps is a great feature, I am sure if it was on the ipad only and not any other tablet then most of people will say its an awesome feature and other tablets sucks coz they don't have it. come on now.

I think they are cool and markets MSFT products. Apple doesn´t need to advertise like that because they hold market, but back in the day when the Mac had a minute portion of the market, Apple did the same with Mac vs. PC. It is called marketing strategy, and it will get some viewers to think twice about their next tablet.

You really do need to get over it! Microsoft is trying to sell their products. Why does that bother you so much.

If you like the iPad better, then buy an iPad. If this ad convinced you that Microsoft has compelling features not available on the iPad, then buy the Microsoft tablet. I chose the iPad and I have no regrets. But I'm also not stressing every time a competitor publishes an ad that tries to show their product is superior...I hope you understand that that's the point of all ads, whether by Apple or MSFT?

Microsoft had many years to sell me a tablet before the iPad. I was even silly enough to buy one of them, which never did what I needed it to. Why would I even bother to look at a Microsoft tablet when—despite Microsoft’s head-start—my iPads have been actually useful every day since I bought my first one.

Microsoft is just desperate. They're having to give away surface products for free if that tells you anything.
They think they can make people buy these crappy products by throwing them up in your face. Nobody wants them Microsoft, get over it. Go do an IBM, and get out if the consumer Market. You're not good at it.

Microsoft ur tablet doesn't even matter for some ppl
Ur tablets are just USELESS
U guys don't even have good apps and ipad is ur DADDY in terms of apps
U guy don't have the KILLER display ( retinal display )
U don't have voice assistant like siri
And u guys wont even have iOS 7 which is just toooo AWESOME
So u should go and DIE :P

Wow your 'fanboy-ism' knows no bounds in this article. Hey the people have to sell some products what are they going to do? Competition or attempts at it is good for the consumer. I'm just happy to get office on my iPhone. My Dell Inspiron is broke and need Excel to send in a report. Good timing Redmond.

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You guys need to let it go. Give it up. So what. Apple has been bashing the competitors for years even going as far to say that they would never support competitors products or develop applications for competing environments. And they still stand strong on that today. But yet you're judging Microsoft for not bringing Office to the iPad? Why would they... Apple has been holding true to it's values, and that's fine. But there's nothing wrong with Microsoft using that against them, Apple has been doing it for years...

This type of competition is great for consumers.

Besides, you can't really say an iPad is "better" than any Windows 8 tablet. It depends on what you need it for. If it's for games and a bit of productivity, then iOS might be a good choice. If it's a hyrbird you're looking for to please your personal and business requirements, then you really can't go wrong with a Windows 8 tablet. There's no shortage of apps and I have left my iOS devices behind for Win 8 and WP8. But that's my opinion and I'm entitled to have it. Your opinion is yours and you should keep it that way. These articles are making this site look like it's on the defensive...

Re: "But yet you're judging Microsoft for not bringing Office to the iPad? Why would they..."

So Microsoft will have two actual toeholds in the post-PC era.
The first toehold is Xbox.
The second will be profits from Microsoft iOS apps.
You know, like Office on iPad.

And no, Surface doesn't count as a toehold. A toehold saves you from falling off a cliff to your death. So far, Surface hasn't helped Microsoft to avoid disaster in the post-PC era. And even though Microsoft can afford to dump money into dead-end projects (thanks to their legacy Windows + Office business), Surface is shaping up to be (yet another) embarrassing and expensive disaster.

And speaking of disasters, hows that Metro interface?
Booting directly to "the desktop" yet?
I hear that will be a "major feature" in the Windows 8.1 patch.

A good reason they should want to bring office to Apple products would be sales. There are kind of a lot of Apple products actually being sold in case you didn't know it. Since they are a company you would expect them to try and make money. Spite doesn't pay the bills, or in this case even help sell your crappy tablet.

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You hit the nail on the head. I also gave up my ipad for a new Windows Ultra Book. There are just so many things that can not be done on the ipad that must be done on a Windows machine. Some of the negative comments must be coming from very irresponsible children who know not what they say. The ipad will never take the place of a quality Windows machine.

Re: "... highlighting that Office isn't available on the iPad, and Microsoft would look pretty dumb if not long after they came out with at least some kind of Office for the iPad."

Meanwhile, Apple previews iWork for iCloud.
It opens Word documents with a simple drag-and-drop.
It runs on Windows boxes as well as Macs.
It even runs on Chrome.
The cannon is now pointed directly at Office's virtual head.

I wonder if it is actually compatbile with Word beyond a "letter to mom" level of word processing. So far, no Office alternative has been. MS has always made sure of that.

MS should concentrate on advertising their Pro tablets, since they are real tablet computers. iPad is a toy just like an RT tablet is. They should go for the tool vs. toy theme. PC capabilities in a user friendly tablet format is a genuine differentiator and hence more interesting and relevant to go by.

@Trappiste.............lame comment, dude. Tell that to US Air, American United pilots. And 90% of all Fortune 50 companies that employ an outside sales force use iPad for order entry.

Those clowns at MS were asleep at the wheel - sound familiar? Think Blackberry.

The ads are getting stupid. These companies look ridiculously desperate and needy when they waste time and money on a smear campaign against a tablet. If Microsoft quit trying to dabble in every market possible and focus on the things they actually get sales of, maybe Windows wouldn't progressively suck worse every time a new version is released.

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If MS products and management were as clever, efficient and reliable as their ad team then perhaps they would not be trying to play catch up on things like the iPod and iPhone and iPad, or trying to staple on touch functionality to their afterthought of an OS. Base on Zune, Windows Tablets & Win 8 sales it appears that Microsoft are the only ones that believe the ads they produce.

And now from the magic fountain of technological wisdom....

There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. - Steve Balmer

But my 85-year-old uncle probably will never own an iPod, and I hope we'll get him to own a Zune. - Steve Balmer

I think people are going to be using PCs in greater and greater numbers for many years to come. - Steve Balmer

"Does zooming out so far on a 10-inch tablet that the tiles become microscopic really constitute a solid feature to convince someone against buying an iPad? "

You mean the ability to move between icon "pages" with a pinch and tap instead of a swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, etc.?

Why do you guys get so bent out of shape and defensive when competitors demonstrate the things they can do that iOS can't? What exactly do you expect them to do?

It's about time Microsoft started demonstrating what they can do rather than their ridiculous and completely uninformative dance numbers.

I've owned apple everything since 76 when I bought a breadboard-equipped motherboard from two guys named Steve working in their garage. I own, among many other thins, 6 iPads now, mine, my wife's, the kid's iPads and a spare. In all these years, I've never had malware and rarely ever had a crash of the OS.

The idea of a zomified MS OS running tablet makes me shudder. Need I say more?

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im reading through the comments some are fair with the ad and others are just hating MS, everyone is entitled to their opinion. i think the video is made for awareness so ppl can know there are other pruducts out there other than the ipad. another thing i noticed in the videos everyone seems to ignore is that not only are they trying to show awareness but they are trying to show functionality between the two. Win8 weather on RT of Pro has more functionality than the ipad, hdmi, usd, multitasking and there are acutally Win8 Pro tablets in the same price range as the ipads which range from $500-$800 without the 3g. when reading one of the comments "apple is MS dad in Apps", which is always the topic it gets changed to and its nothing new everyone knows but if you want to compare it to Win8 Pro then thats a diff story. if you can install 1 million apps on your ipad then i would absolutely be jealous but you cant so leave the apps out cause its nothing new, the focus of the video is functionality. if it was the other way around the apple fans would state it everytime a topic like this comes up just like the apps. lets be honest how many of you guys use all the apps you installed on ur iphone and ipad everyday, i can even bet more than half of the apps on your devices (figuratively speaking) are collecting dust. its all competition if you dont like it dont buy it, take a blood pressure bill and relax its all competition. one last note, i believe a lot of hate for MS on some of these websites sound a lot like a woman scorned by a cheating man, just can never let go

Is it the software, or the machine? Four days after getting a Dell laptop running windows 8, I get the blue screen of death. I always turn off the PC the proper way. I get it working again. Did the updates recommended by MS. About a week later, blue screen of death. I did a complete reinstall from the disk. Did all the updates. I still think it is cheaply made computers that cause problems. I decided to get a MacBook Pro, and give the PC to a family member. The Pro is faster, and I have not had any problems.

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Guys I'm so bummed that I can't zoom in and out of my home screen like they can on the windows tablet. It's so...useful

Do people honestly still use sd cards? I was wondering because i don't ever recall at least in this year people swapping out sd cards and bluetoothing files to one another. Its either icloud, google drive, or dropbox. I all but thought sd cards were extinct by now

The first one of these ads made me laugh. This one made me cringe. I think the way they use Siri has something to do with it. In the first one Siri was, largely, responding in a Siri like way to Siri like interactions. This is just stupid and makes MS look ignorant. By all means do a comparison, but make it cool (like the Mac Vs PC ads back in the day).

well if you put it in this way, they are just trying to show people the things that windows tablet can do and what ipad can't do, i mean i personally prefer the ipad but again, windows have more features and functions, also even if they don't sell that much, they are just trying to make some advertisement

This advertising is really working Microsoft!!!! I see so many Windows tablets out there compared to iPads now!!! LOL What a JOKE!!!! Microsoft is crap.... get an iPad!

Apple just makes toys? Come on guys, is that still in the wind?
I work for a fortune 500 aircraft manufacturer. We have Apple products everywhere. All of our supervisors and managers have iPads and slowly but surely all of the Blackberrys are being replaced with iPhone 5's.
Rumor has it we may even begin issuing iPads to crews leads in the hangars to input paperwork and complete inspections.
We've even incorporated Apple into the aircraft themselves with iPods that control cabin functions like raising the window shade or turning on the tv. We even use iPhones for in cabin and air to ground phone calls.
Tell me agin how Apple just makes toys.

I don't have a problem with MFST competing but don't mischaracterize Apple in the process.

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I'm gonna go to best buy and play with a windows 8 tablet to see how responsive it is.

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