Microsoft launches Bing for iPad

Microsoft has released Bing for iPad in the US App Store. Based on their search knowledge engine of the same name, it aims to do more than a web app alone could a

Experience search that is truly designed for the iPad. Bing for iPad is here.

Bing is a decision engine that’s been designed to work beautifully with your iPad. Bing for iPad brings you closer to what you’re looking for by delivering a visually rich, touch-enabled way to search and browse news, movies, Bing homepage images, local businesses, popular searches and much more.

  • Swipe through our touch enabled movie listings, news articles, trending topics, local businesses and other rich, immersive search results.
  • Stay current with the latest news, traffic, weather, stock quotes, movies and popular searches from the main screen.
  • Bing Local and Map integration to help you find the places you are looking for from directions with real-time tracking to immersive road, traffic, aerial and “bird’s eye” views.
  • Follow the latest news and trending topics with beautifully iPad optimized results with rich images and magazine inspired layouts.
  • Tell Bing what you are searching for with voice activated search.
  • Wonderful touch friendly, grid view of image searches, with source site details and full page preview.
  • Easily navigate between Bing results and websites as Bing frames the site to make it easy to return the search or to launch a new one.

Except of course for iPad users outside the US, where remains accessible but where, for some reason, Microsoft thinks Bing apps should not be. If anyone in the US tries it out, let us know how it works for you. If anyone outside the US knows of a good reasons it's not available, please enlighten us!

[Free - iTunes link]

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Reader comments

Microsoft launches Bing for iPad


I just don't understand the value of Bing. Google does everything for me that Bing does, and I don't have to think about a guy singing "White Christmas" every time I see the name.

The blocking of Bing outside the USA is one of the major reasons I switched to iPhone from Windows Mobile/Phone. I got tired of having a device that the vendor wouldn't support worldwide. There's no way this side of pluto I'll be "Microsofting" my iPhone, iPad or whatever.
Sure, Apple took an extra year to get to Canada, but their apps MADE it to Canada, feature complete thank you.

Microsoft did the same for "One Note" on iPhone, releasing just on US App Store.
But Bing outside US lacks a lot of features. I'm from Brazil, and Bing here doesn't have what makes Bing good, here it's just a Google copy.
Indeed, when I use Bing, I report myself in USA.

I'm not sure what you're talking about -- the app seems to work just fine for me here in Germany…!? Am I missing something…?
And I actually kinda like the app and will probably continue using it…
But then again, I'm not really much of a Google fan anyway -- if Google and all their products and services were to vanish overnight I couldn't care less, wouldnt miss a thing…

Australia is no go for Bing as well. We can't download it. It is only USA Store, not in Australia App Store. Australia account is no go in USA store.
It is not Bing / MS fault, it is Apple fault.

I use to work for Microsoft and we had it internal for about 2 months for employee use. I'm honestly surprised it was not leaked to anybody. Cool its out now.