Microsoft really wants you to go Surface, offers cash with MacBook Air trade-in

Microsoft really wants you to go Surface, offers cash with MacBook Air trade in

MacBook Air owners are being tempted by Microsoft to turn in their laptops for up to $650 in credit towards buying the company's Surface Pro 3 tablet via their U.S. and Canadian retail stores.

The trade-in offer, which lasts until July 31, doesn't offer any information on which MacBook Air models are eligble for this deal, saying only that the laptop must be capable of being powered up. The offer's fine print adds, "Water-damaged devices and devices with cracked screens are not considered working devices for purposes of this offer."

Microsoft will only offer the full $650 credit if a person brings the MacBook Air into a brick-and-mortar Microsoft Store location and used that credit to purchase the Surface Pro 3. There is no online option for this deal. Currently, only the Intel i5 versions are available for immediate purchase, with the 128GB model selling for $999 and the 256Gb version priced at $1,299.

Microsoft went to great lenghts to compare the Surface Pro 3 favorably agaist the MacBook Air when it announced the 12-inch tablet in May. Indeed, it has promoted the product as the tablet that is supposed to replace the normal laptop (with its optional Type Cover of course).

Are you a MacBook Air owner that might decide to jump ship and get the Surface Pro 3 with this $650 trade-in offer?

Source: Microsoft Store via ZDNet

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Reader comments

Microsoft really wants you to go Surface, offers cash with MacBook Air trade-in


I'm not comparing them to Apple. But, even so, they're not a desperate company. And, I used to share your sentiment. But, the Surface Pro 3 is a great piece of hardware, and I actually like Windows 8.

Microsoft and Apple are two very different companies that make very different, very cool products. I am blown away with the Surface 3. I don't understand how anyone can see that thing and not be intrigued to give it a shot.

This is an apple/ iPhone website, they are offering a fraud in for an apple product, so yes I am and you should compare it to apple.

Ok, and while you're trying to convince me that Microsoft is a desperate company, they're making money hand over fist. You don't have to agree; but, their financial statements are facts and disagree with your opinion.

The fact that you're actually going to sit here and disagree with facts is absolutely hilarious. Both are profitable companies. Just deal with it. You don't have to like Microsoft to agree with the facts.

Let's here it then. Give me some of your "facts". All I know is that PC sales are in the decline and that sir is a FACT.

Guess what? I'm not denying that. But, to sit here with a straight face and say that Microsoft is not making any profit is hilarious, at best. I shouldn't have to pull up articles for you. A simple Google search will show that Microsoft is still making a profit from their services. You can choose to ignore that, though.

Even with Apple making more profit, Microsoft is still nowhere near being a desperate company.

Never once said they don't make profit. They just can't sell as much as apple can. I am sorry this is hard for you. PCs are like dinosors. They are the computers the our fathers used, they are for old people. It's a tough fact.

Sorry to be the one to break it to you but the Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro are all PC's, they are all personal computers just running a different OS that's all, they all have the same CPU's, memory, storage devices as Windows machines. Apple are invested into PC's pretty heavily so I wouldn't call them dinosaurs (shame your Apple device didn't fix your spelling there) and not for old people either.

You EaglePilot81 sound just like the arrogant MS user fanboys of the 90's. You know, back when Apple was begging for and receiving handouts in the form of Apple stocks sold to their competitors.

Yeah, this is pointless, lol. I guess, it's too much to ask to have a decent conversation with people without them resorting to playing the fanboy card.

The only thing keeping MS flush is the "OLD SCHOOL" CIOs and IT personal that are and would be dead before they have or had a piece of Apple equipment in there dept.

Not too mention the entire US government is "BACKED UP", (my ass) on MS software and hardware.

I tried windows 8 but I can honestly say I hated every minute of it compared to even my chrombook...I am going Mac this time , I can't stand the tiles

Then use the desktop -- I rarely even see the tile UI -- it's there if you want it, but you don't have to use it.

That's cause Apple make developers pay 99 bucks to release an app. And they have a shitload of apps. Microsoft is rad enough to not do that and even check the apps before release to keep consumers safe.
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They are probably trying to get people on board so they will have more word of mouth sales. Everyone that I know that has a surface pro 2 loves it.

I'm the only one of my friends with one. Still, that doesn't detract from the fact that it's a great device.

It's not that they are desperate. They just want people to see how cool their product is and give them a good deal.

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Unless the Airs being accepted are years old, I don't see too many people taking advantage of this offer. But, I absolutely love my Surface Pro 3. I tried OSX on a Retina MacBook Pro: while I loved the hardware, I couldn't get used to the operating system.

The 13 inch version is incredibly light, for what you're getting. So far, only Apple seems to be able to make a thin, light, and solidly built laptop.

Eh, there are quite a few solid Windows ones. The problem is usually the poor battery life or trackpad drivers. Scaling is also pretty awful.

Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SlimKat 4.4.2

Yeah, I had an Asus ROG that I loved. But, that thing was a tank and battery life was rated at less than 4 hours. It sucks, because I liked that laptop; but, it was way too heavy to lug around.

Do you think the SP3 is priced well? I gave this offer consideration, but don't want to shell out cash plus my MacBook Air. Did you move to sp3 from a mb air?

I actually upgraded from the original Surface Pro. I think it's priced accordingly. My biggest beef with pricing is that it doesn't include the keyboard cover. But, it all depends on your use-cases, on whether it's ultimately worth it or not.

Some questions to consider:

How long have you had your MacBook Air?
Is there any Apple-specific software that you absolutely need?
When and where do you use your MacBook Air most?
Have you played around with Windows 8.1?
Do you travel a lot?

These are just some questions to ask yourself. Keep in mind: even if you get 650 for your MacBook Air, you're still going to be shelling out at least another 500 for the I5, 128GB variant, or 300 more than that for the 256GB version.

Only you can decide if it's ultimately worth it or not. Hope this helps!

this helps. I think paying $500 on top of the macbook air trade in is too steep (if my notebook was 2-3 years older, I'd probably take this deal). I have not personally used Windows 8.1, but am pretty agnostic on os. I have had windows 7 for work for years and have used the live tiles in a previous work phone and they didn't bother me. I don't have to use the mac for anything, it's just my personal notebook. thanks again!

I think it's priced too high it's still a tablet. Not a laptop. Should be priced 699-799. 999 and up is redic.

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Nope, not, nada.. I'm fine with my Macbook.. have no inclination or need to jump. I don't doubt some will do so, but it seems that they are still only playing at being a hardware company.

Until they make this offer for ANY number of laptops, not just Apple, they will not be a serious hardware company in my mind.. They cannot sit here and ride a fence 'pretending' .. they either go for it or they don't.

So far, Microsoft still has the gloves on and is not serious IMO.. One of the reasons Apple is such a success: because they don't fear cannibalizing their own product lines in search of the next big success.. iPods and iPod Touches hit hard by iPhones? iPad now hit by iPad Mini.. Macbook's hit by by all 3.. and yet.. the eco-system ties them all together.. and soon, even better.

Microsoft still fears their own OEM customers..

We just got the Surface Pro 3 as a testing device for one of our clients. I really like the idea of it, but it not nearly the machine the Macbook Air is. The build quality, the keyboard and the apps just don't put it on par with the Air. I am speaking from experience because we have one to mess with. Unless you have tried it, you really don't know. For me it's not a Mac vs. PC is a better computer thing.

There are other SP3 keyboards to choose from as well if the Microsoft one doesn't suit you. Also it's an accessory, technically it isn't the SP3. Apps, well imo there is a larger diversity of 'apps' ie. x86 than OSX so I guess you're referring to the Microsoft App Store which would only be relevant if you were referring to Windows RT.

I am not a big Microsoft fan since windows 8 so yea I don't know anybody in my circle who actually likes using there win8 machines, including me.

Had Windows for years, just got my first Mac and I'm loving it. No thanks Microsoft

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Lool. Guess someone enjoys being limited. My HP computer is cheaper that a Mac, has a metal finish, light on the back, and 10 hour battery. Why pay over a grand for a cheap piece of plastic with little features?

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This only makes sense if you've already decided to buy a Surface Pro and you know someone who will sell you their MBA for $100-$200.

I personally don't like anything Windows 8. I have two work computers running 8.1. I've bought a 521, 810 and 925. Ran the developers preview and stock. Tried out a Surface 2 even. I really gave it a try. Though to be sincere, I don't want a Mac either. I'm very happy with Windows 7 and Ubuntu. As for a tablet, I prefer using my Note 3 for that functionality. For my phone, I'm super happy with my 5c. I even get out my BlackBerry Z10 if I want to play YouTube videos while I look up things on the internet.

I don't hate any OS, nor am I loyal to any brand. I think technology is here for us to enjoy. So we should!

That's one heck of a swing that Microsoft is taking. I'm not sure any MBA owners would make that trade. It would be cool to see what the numbers are when the offer is over.
It would make more sense to me if it were aimed at ANY working PC. Windows or Mac.

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It would take much more than $650 to get me to trade in a perfectly good superior product for a substandard untried product. My Macbook Air will run windows on better and
more stable hardware with more RAM with a smaller more convenient footprint. Thanks for the laugh, Micro$haft!

Hardly trolling. Your lame attempts of taking a swipe at Microsoft clearly represents your immature mindset. My comment is exactly what yours deserves.

No, your comment is laughable. I have a Surface Pro 3, and it's anything but substandard. I don't get it: why do fanboys of Apple products always resort to belittling other companies and operating systems? Is it that serious? Are you that insecure in your choice of the MacBook Air, that you have to bash a product that you've probably never even played around with?

Lol I have a cheaper HP laptop with a METAL finish and the light on the back, with Blu-Ray and fingerprint reader, along with a whole bunch of other things like a 10 hour battery. Apple fanboys. Lool. What a laughable comment.
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I had considered selling my 2013 Macbook Air 11" in order to get a Surface Pro 3. I'm now a Windows Phone user and the idea of a single device that can replace both tablet AND laptop is intriguing.
Soo, I went to my local BestBuy this past Saturday and gave it a shot. I played with it for about 10 minutes solid. Overall I have decided to sell my 11" MacBook Air...
....because I bought a 13" MacBook Air with a larger HDD so I can run Windows in Bootcamp!

I just couldn't get past the extra cost of the keyboard and the touch responsiveness (or lack of) of the track pad on the Surface Pro 3. Plus, It seemed like the whole touch screen with a keyboard interface isn't fully thought out yet.

Oh well, I do applaud Microsoft for offering this type of deal, but the Surface Pro is just not quite appealing enough yet. Maybe next time.

At least, you played around with it. I get that the Surface Pro 3 isn't for everyone. Hell, I use it more as a tablet than a laptop. The MacBook Air still has it beat from a value perspective. And, to be honest, I'm still surprised and a little angry that Microsoft won't bundle the keyboard with the device.

That's why you have to go to settings and enable pointer precision. Try reading stuff on Mobile Nations' WPCentral.

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Thank you, but precision was not my concern - it was the lack of registering my fingers' touch. I have already read about the "Enhance pointer precision" at WPCentral (I am a Windows Phone user, so I am on there more than iMore). Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to try this; however, it is my understanding that it does not effect touch sensitivity, but only the amount the mouse moves and where it pauses. While this is a nice feature, I do not believe it will make up for the responsiveness that I am used to on a Macbook.

Do you think they would take an original generation MBA? It looks like you can get one for $400 on eBay :)
Not that I'd pay $400 for a surface pro 3, but it would still be funny.

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My "office computer" at work is a new surface. While it's an awesome machine, I would NEVER give up my macbook for it. I just wish work would move to Apple already!!!

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