Microsoft Office for iPad is official, lands today!

Microsoft Word for iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad is real, official, and coming our way! Announced at an event in San Francisco, the long wait is finally at an end. And it's coming to an end today, at 2PM EDT, 11AM PDT. For free... with an Office 365 subscription

The apps will offer a full Office experience, replete with tables, charts, formatting, and even the previously-maligned but recently-improved Office ribbon. Microsoft's put a lot effort into making sure Office for iPad supports the same features as the desktop versions, and even additional features above them. For example, there's a custom numeric keypad for creating equations in Excel and recommendations that help to visualize the best-looking charts for your data. The PowerPoint app includes the ability to live highlight and annotate during a presentation, as well as a "laser pointer" red dot mode.

Office for iPad all syncs through an Office 365 subscription, so edits that you make on your iPad are synced through the magic of the cloud to your desktop and vice versa.

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Reader comments

Microsoft Office for iPad is official, lands today!


Microsoft has close to 32 apps for iOS devices & Apple has zero apps for other devices

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Logic, Aperture, iWork, iLife, GarageBand, etc.

They have plenty of software titles that would be welcomed on other OSes

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You need the subscription to get any utility out of it at all beyond simply opening and looking at a single document at a time.

You can't even save the files in local storage so if you have three documents, you have to open each in turn to look at it, and the previous document disappears and has to be found again. given that there isn't a local file system app, you also have to switch to another app like mail to find the file, then pause-tap to open it in Office etc.

It's really a usability nightmare if you don't have the subscription and not worth bothering with considering iWorks apps can also open the same files and then you have them saved locally in a rational sort of way.

I have to spend $100 a year for an app I only occasionally use?! Dealbreaker.

iWorks is just fine, thank you.

I understand your position. However, if you use Office 365 (I do, because it covers the whole family and then some) it will be a nice addition.

They should offer a standalone version to buy that can sync with free Skydrive/Onedrive accounts.

I always wonder about these kind of posts (that quote the "it's for the family" thing), because although Microsoft uses that as a bullet point in it's sales spiel, I can't imagine why any "family" needs to be up to date on the latest Enterprise software. There are so many apps on every platform that can do everything that Office does (at least for the average non Fortune 500 person), I can't imagine why anyone thinks that they "need" Office, especially for "the family." Does your toddler or your grandmother work with Donald Trump?

My immediate family doesn't consist of a toddler or anyone that doesn't work in a professional environment, so even though there are other options, Office 365 works perfect for my family.

FYI...the word family doesn't have any age restrictions!!!

You're clearly not the right audience, then. A lot of people use Office every day. This is more for enterprise than consumers, really. Although it could be great for college students who just want an iPad and not a laptop.

The full Office 365 Home plan comes with 5 installs of Office for PC / Mac and 5 installs of Office for mobile (per family). If you only have an iPad and no other devices, then it's probably a bit overkill for your needs (unless you need seamless collaboration with Office documents from other sources--for instance a lot of educational work groups still standardize on Office).

There is a cheaper plan also if you don't need the full five installs, but I'm less familiar with that since I have a wife and six kids. :)

I agree with you emjayess! I deleted these apps as soon as I saw that!
This is a free download of software that you have to pay to use.
Who needs a Word or Excel viewer? Not me!

Microsoft is touting revolutionary features that already exist in iWork. GoBe Productive had reflowing of text around dragged images 15 years ago!

I have a 4 year subscription with my student subscription so this is nice for me. Any word on a new office suite for mac?

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I'm honestly not sure. For those who have 365, it's a pretty nice value add, but I don't right many documents at the moment. Maybe when I'm back in school I will, but why not just use google docs and iWork for free. What would 365 offer me that's a lot better and worth paying for?

Reasonably sure that OWA requires a business account, which is more pricey than the Office 365 Home subscription (it's per user).

I agree that I would love to see a mobile version of Outlook that is a full offering for 365 subscribers and a toned-down version for free / OneDrive consumers.

You know, I posted in a similar story how the subscription cost was a non-starter for me. However I read that the personal edition of 365 is only $7 a month. That's less than what I pay for Netflix or Hulu per month (and frankly, I don't get my money's worth out of Netflix). I'm not in a position currently where I need to use Office outside of work, but if I was I would possibly have to re-think my position...

It's not that bad of a deal.

To be clear: you can view and present documents for free, no strings attached. With Office 365 for $9 per month you can edit, create, etc.

Only one at a time though. And "presenting" a Word document basically just means you can load it and look at it (only one).

You can present a PowerPoint doc, in that you can click through slides but PowerPoint is the weakest part of the Office suite. Keynote has always surpassed it in every way for many years now. So ... not that useful for the average person.

By the way, are there any app promotional videos that DON'T have a ukulele soundtrack these days?! Sheesh! The happy music is getting as tiresome as the happy talk on TV news etc.

It's a great promo video - Nicely done! I wasn't going to buy it because of the subscription, then I watched the video and had feelings of wanting to buy it, but then I remembered it was a 365 subscription and went back to not buying it again.

You only need the subscription if you want to edit. You can still edit in the cloud in a browser (or in a standard version of Office on the desktop if you have one). It appears that they have modified the iPhone version to work the same way.

While it's nice that Microsoft has finally released Office 365 for iOS the fact remains I and many people don't want to pay for a subscription for something they barely use. iWork has been just fine for me and is more consumer oriented than Office. My solution which has worked out for me is simply create all my documents in Pages and should I need one for work just save it as a word document then open it in Word at my computer at work making any final edits there. Problem solved and no subscription required.

Aw man no Outlook. Bummer.

I have a 365 subscription already, so I will use these apps but was REALLY hoping for a full-featured Outlook app with full Exchange support (shared calendars and folders, organizational form libraries, journals, etc). Guess I'm not the "average user" lol

Well this is worthless. Why would I pay for a subscription when apple offer the same type of software for free.

Sent from the iMore App

I already have a 365 subscription, so I'll be downloading these shortly!!

Hopefully, they will create a full service Outlook app.

I reluctantly bought two Office for Mac licenses for my two Macs, costing close to $300. I did it because I wanted to own the software. Now, to get Office for iPad, I get the "privilege" of renting it at $99 per year via Office 365.

Are you effen kidding me?

Nice job MicroShaft. Epic failure. You are four years late to the party and now with this, you are the dork of the party.

I bought the full version of Excel 2011 last year, because I don't have any use for the rest of Office. $77 one time is much better than $100 per year!

I have Office Home & Student 2010 on both my desktop and laptop PCs and I am dissapointed that these new apps, though free to download, require a £75 annual subscription to Office 365 to use the app productively.

I do not require to constantly upgrade my copy of Office, being unemployed it makes no financial sense.

It seems that the app won't open files stored locally for editing. Without an Office 365 subscription, a useless app IMHO.

Within 5 minuites of installing on my iPad Air, and discovering the subscription requirement, they were uninstalled.