Microsoft Office for iPad tipped to finally debut tomorrow in San Francisco

Office for iPad

After recent speculation, tomorrow, March 27, may finally see the long awaited introduction of Microsoft Office for iPad. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, will be in San Francisco delivering an event that will also be broadcast online where it's expected the formal announcement will be made.

According to Mary Jo Foley at All About Microsoft, we can expect the live broadcast to begin at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m EDT/5 p.m. GMT. The specific subject matter of the event is said to be "the intersection of cloud and mobile computing," which Office for iPad would fit nicely into.

The livestream will be available through the Microsoft News Center tomorrow at the times listed above. It feels like we've been talking about this forever, so hopefully tomorrow brings good news. Who's going to be watching with us?

Source: All About Microsoft

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Reader comments

Microsoft Office for iPad tipped to finally debut tomorrow in San Francisco


It's great they're coming out with touch versions of Office for iOS, but a slap in the face to Windows 8 users, especially the early adopters of the Surface and Surface Pro devices as they have yet to launch or announce Windows 8 Modern UI versions of Office :-(

It's not really a slap. iOS came out in 2007. Windows 8 in 2012. The Office team has had a longer time to work on an iPad version than a Windows 8 one. We're also expecting to see a tease for the Windows 8 version of Office - codename Gemini. Shipping Office with the Surface RT/2 was just a temporary stopgap solution until the touch versions were ready. I'm happy to see iPad owners get Office.

A slap? Surface owners have the real thing. This iOS version will pale in comparison. I bet you the debate will be on how they can still call it office.

They have the desktop version, no one designed for touchscreen -- there's a huge difference. An exception would be OneNote, there is a Modern UI (touch based) version of that. Thanks though for stopping by ;-)

Why would you want a touch version? Sounds kind of dumb considering how half baked it'd be. Besides iOS won't allow for half the features you'd need to want to use it.

Not exactly sure what you're referring to, it's as if you're speaking from ignorance -- you're certainly not being specific. Not a big deal, enjoy your device/apps of choice -- and as always, thanks for stopping by ;-)

I know -- my point exactly -- Numbers on an iPad is a great reference design for a spreadsheet app designed for touch use. A ModernUI version would need to be a re-write.

...for starters, inter-app communication, object embedding, and VBA level macros and automation are three things that will never be present in an iOS office unless Apple reverses some long held policies.

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I'm wagering that Office for iOS would hook into MS's own ecosystem of apps. Documents would be saved to a Skydrive account, and other MS apps would be able to 'talk' to each other. Likely similar to how Google's apps can talk to each other despite being sandboxed on iOS. I could see it working out decently.

You do realize that using the phrase "thanks for stopping by", makes you look *really* trollish and immature, and detracts from whatever valid points you're making, right? Is it supposed to be a 'burn' or something like that?

...? However you >choose< to interpret things is totally up to you. Thanks though for stopping by ;-) LOL

If I have some free time I may tune in. Curious to see what's announced, wheat her it's office for iPad or anything else. Not sure id be interested in buying office for iPad, and that's where most of my curiosity lies, in the price structure if it is announced.

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I'm happy to see office potentially coming to iOS. Hopefully there will be a standalone purchase option and it doesn't require office 360.

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It'll most likely require Office 365. Which is why Microsoft announced Office 365 Personal last month. A new subscription tier that gives individuals a cheaper option to get into Office.

Yeah....even a 'cheaper' subscription plan would be a non-starter for me. I know that it's likely going to be subscription based, but I don't like it. I don't use MS Office outside of work enough to justify a recurring subscription cost. If I was still a student, then I could possibly justify it.

So, isn't 1 PM Eastern the time big apps usually launch on the store? I sure hope that the apps don't go live before they are announced!