Microsoft Office for iPhone goes free for home use

Office for iPhone

On the back of today's Microsoft Office for iPad announcement, it's sibling app for the iPhone has gone free. When it launched you required an Office 365 subscription to use it, but as of today it's completely free for home use. Business users will still require an Office 365 subscription to create and manage documents.

Of course, it's not the same piece of software as the new iPad version, not at all. The iPad is still where the power users will want to be, but if you're a frequent Office user it's great to see Microsoft open up the iPhone app to more of us.

So, now it's free, will you be using it?

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Microsoft Office for iPhone goes free for home use


I found the answer:

Microsoft Excel workbooks are read-only if they have:

Functions that aren’t supported on the phone.

Data validation in one or more cells.
Array formulas.
Data tables.
Macros enabled.
Large column or row widths.
Formulas that contain links or references to other workbooks.
Formulas with structured references.
Formulas that contain references, content, or formatting beyond cell IV16384.
Formulas that are longer than 512 characters or have more than 30 arguments in them.
Tracked changes.
Dialog sheets.
XML markup that isn't formed correctly.
OLE objects or ActiveX controls.

Appstore opens an empty window and doesn't open the download window. Why is that?
Any advice?

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Tried all three apps. Excel is easily the best of the three and I'm tempted to use it when I need more calculation heavy worksheets. In Excel I was unable to rename the tabs or change their order. PowerPoint is edit only, and Word is okay. To be honest I prefer iWork's over all three. The full-blown office version for iPad maybe different however this really doesn't let me do much more than I can do with iWorks.