Microsoft Office 2014 might finally be on its way!

Microsoft Office for Mac

Microsoft Office for Mac hasn't seen a refresh in a few years now, but all that looks set to change in 2014. First reported from CeBIT by German site Computerwoche, Microsoft will finally update its office suite for Mac before this year is out. The folks at Macworld then followed up with a quote from Microsoft:

A representative for Microsoft confirmed that development work for the next version of Office for Mac is ongoing. "The team is hard at work on the next version of Office for Mac," she said in an email. "While I don’t have details to share on timing, when it’s available, Office 365 subscribers will automatically get the next Office for Mac at no additional cost."

Whether or not Office for Mac is as big a deal today as it was in 2011 is still the question, though. As with the rumored Office for iPad it has its target market, but with iWork being pretty low cost and also having a cloud based version now, is it too little, too late from Microsoft?

Whenever it drops, it needs to be a noticeable improvement on the last full release. Office 2011 lags way behind its Windows opposite, so if we're to actually want to use it, an equal is needed. Would you pick up Office 2014 for Mac?

Source: Computerwoche, Macworld

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Microsoft Office 2014 might finally be on its way!


I just want to say this. With iWork being what it is now and with Google just announcing add-ons for Google Docs and Spreadsheet, I don't think this is a huge deal anymore. Great for those of us who seriously need Office, but for everyone else, it's nowhere near what it was back in 2011.

I wouldn't call it too little too late, but more like "...oh that's nice...."

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I've worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies and not one of them use iWork as their default software suite. Tbh not one had even used iWork period.

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I would buy it if there were some (a lot) of improvements. I primarily use Office for outlook. I don't find Apple mail a good substitute.

Any recommendations would be appreciate.

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It looks like emClient (so long as you're using it for home's free) and Mozilla's Thunderbird (add-ons and plugin support for expandable use and support for IMAP, POP, and SMTP)

I'd say look more into Thunderbird.

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I am the same way with Mail. I have been trying to start using Apple's Mail as I use Outlook primarily for work email against Exchange and the Mail app in OS/X with Exchange is a painful experience at best.

The thing I am not fond of with the Mail app is that it uses Rich Text instead of HTML for mail by default and if there is a way to change it I have not found it. Also I hate the way it does attachments it is so 1990, Outlook has these things down pat.

Sadly I have not found a better solution. I am not a fan of Thunderbird and some of the newer players to come on that are based off their iOS mail apps are lacking a lot of features.

I prefer iWork, with the iCloud integration, but I always keep Office on my Macs for compatibility reasons. I'd probably upgrade.

I am with you impaler. I use my personal Mac for a lot of work related things that use Word and Excel. Though Pages can handle the Word documents well, Numbers is a very basic spreadsheet. I have templates from Excel that I have to use and the functions in them just don't work in Numbers. I tried doing an assignment for Grad School in Numbers and quickly gave up.

Keynote on the other hand destroys PowerPoint.

I will likely upgrade too.

I've moved on. I have an iPhone, iPad, and PC. I seldom use the PC, Apple made iWorks free and access able via iCloud from any computing device, so I now use iWorks for my need.
Adios MS, I've moved on.

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I'll buy it. It's still one of the top selling software packages for the Mac, so I'm not sure why author thinks there would be resistance.

I've moved on, myself. Quite honestly the bigger question for me is when will Pages be available for Windas? ;)

I already know the answer to that question, y'all.

Personally, I have a HUP copy of Office 2011. Paid $10 for it. Worth that. If I am eligible to upgrade I will. If not? No loss, as I primarily use iWork and have since before Office 2011. However, they release a proper Mac app of OneNote? All bets are off. I'm in.

But what is really shocking to me here is this. Everyone jumping on this news with the "it's about time" attitude. Reality is different, however

Office for Windows '97, followed by Office for Mac '98

Office for Windows 2000, followed by Office for Mac 2001

Office for Windows XP, followed by Office for Mac .X (these were both a bit "off cycle" but to account for major OS UI changes)

Office for Windows 2003, followed by Office for mac 2004

Office for Windows 2007, followed by Office for Mac 2008

Office for Windows 2010, followed by Office for Mac 2011

Notice a trend? So, now we have...

Office for Windows 2013, followed by?
That's right. Office for Mac 2014...

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I'm using Microsoft Office all the time, the features in Excel (for example) not available in iWork or Google Docs. But actually not all users need these advanced features.
Microsoft leading the race by a step, but they have to do more to stay on the top.

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Before the IT folks at work integrated Apple products, I would have gotten the 2011 version of Office. Now, through Citrix I can use all of office when signed in to my work account. I have gotten used to iWork, and I believe MS waited too long to put out a new product. I am not that interested in an iPad version.

I'm forced to use Office on my Mac because iWork is not 100% reliable when converting to Office format and here in Korea, people only use MS Office.

We just went to Office 365 at work and like it. This update for the Mac users is eagerly anticipated.

iWork isn't bad and I'm a huge fan of Apple products, but Office is undeniably better, and always has been.

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The lack of proper SharePoint integration in Office 2011 for Mac is the only reason I have a virtual Windows running on my Mac. Come Office 2014 and I hope I will be able to delete that virtual machine.

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i just cried a little.. for the average user.. iwork and whatever google works.. but for the intense pc office user.. a lot of stuff wasn't compatible with office '11. Hopefully, this will fix that.

Anyone who thinks that Office for Mac isn't a big deal anymore due to iWork or Google clearly doesn't work in corporate. I am a partner for 2 large telco's in Canada, and every order form, sales guide, pricing tool etc that we use is made in Excel with heavy customizations using Visual Basic and other macros, and they never work on Office Mac. I have Parallels just to use Excel for windows since half my tools and order forms require it. I've even worked with our IT teams to have them try to make the forms and files work with Excel for mac and we've had no luck.

I still use office in my small business but I find iWork to be increasingly more useful to the point I don't see myself upgrading in the foreseeable future. When support ends for the versions of office we do use, I will probably let it go completely. I know that for many big businesses it is a totally different story.

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