Microsoft Office team shares vision of the future

The Microsoft Office team has put out a video showing a vision of the future where edge-to-edge, interactive, multitouch and gesture-based panels are everywhere. We've seen things like this before in movies like Minority Report and Iron Man, and even ye old Bill Gates CES Keynotes of yore. Apple would never produce a video like this -- they want to surprise us with "magical" technology shipping in weeks and month. That's why it's great we have more players in the market than just Apple. You have to make the future, you can't dream it. But you can help inform and inspire it.

Now all that remains to be seen is whether most of those screens end up having Apple, Microsoft, or Google logos on the back of them...

Source: OfficeVideos via WinRumors via [@stroughtonsmith](stroughtonsmith: Microsoft have posted a new video of their vision of their future of technology; can't wait for it : /via @tomwarren)

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Microsoft Office team shares vision of the future


Unfortunately for Microsoft, they'll have to wait for this stuff to actually happen first, so they can copy it and then try keeping up.

Yeah, the will wait for Apple to copy it first, since it will probably have to be improved, and then copy from Apple.

Someday we will get there, but the only thing I see in that video is the diminished human to human interaction. Always a technology mediator.
We do NOT need to be connected 100% of the time. We need more family time.
We can do pretty much what is shown there with actual devices already. We can book our reservations through the iPhone and similar stuffs. All we see there is fancy displays.

Mildly interesting, but bland and derivative. Everything is mostly a straight-line projection of current technology. "Oh, look, my phone is now a slab of glass," or "My monitor is as wide as my desk and has 3d glasses."
Artistically uninspired, too; "looks like an airport bathroom" is the best description I've ever seen of MS's new metro sensibilities. Better than Luna (XP) and Aero (Vista/Win7), but kind of a Google-esque "our style is no style at all."

Before Office gets that advanced, they'll need to do something about MS Access. Preferably axe it. I'd rather use a database system comprised of physical sticky notes on a fridge.

not so sure about that... it was rumored that seal team six used special, short term night vision contacts. Not sure if i believe that, but who knows whats REALLY out there. Look at the stealth planes... how long were they around before we actually found out? 7 years from its first flight... so how long before that was the tech there?

The add is great, is beautifully done and very tasteful. The ideas are not original, nor are they supposed to be, it's about evolution of what we have today.
But we all know that any time anything from Microsoft is posted on this forum the sole objective is for Apple fans to trash it.
Rene is wrong in thinking that Apple would never do a video like this. In fact they already did, the iconic 1984 Mac commercial is somewhat like this, a generic advertisement on how the future is going to be.

Its funny that the phone looks like it has the exact same dimensions as the iPhone 4 only thinner. Also, I don't see this full integration of tech coming from microsoft, Apple might could pull it off to an extent. Regardless, it was a cool video.

What do you mean Apple would never do something like this? They created a video in the 1980s about a personal assistant that lives in a tablet and does things like Siri does, but more ¨naturally.¨ Look it up. Some apple blogs posted it soon after Siri was announced. The idea was supposed to have come to fruition by now but we still are not there. Siri is a good beginning, but it has a long way to go.
And yeah, about this Microsoft video, I highly doubt these products will ever be released by Microsoft, but it's nice to see that they are thinking about the technologies that other companies (not necessarily them, nor Apple) may offer in the future.

That video was marketing for their Newton PDA. It wasn't as much of "this is what the future will be". It was about a current product, and saying something more along the lines of "the future is here".