Microsoft OneNote now available in the Mac App Store

OneNote for Mac

Microsoft OneNote for Mac is now official and is available to download from the Mac App Store. We heard just last week that it was on the way, and Microsoft hasn't disappointed. OneNote has been absent from the Mac until now, but what has been delivered looks in every way a full featured experience.

Better still, OneNote for Mac is a free download, though the Mac App Store listing does say this is for a "limited time." But for all intents and purposes it looks like the same powerful note taking tool available on Windows. It's worth pointing out that you do need to be using OS X 10.9 Mavericks to use OneNote, and since it requires OneDrive to sync you'll also need a free Microsoft account if you don't already have one.

I for one am really pleased to see this. I've always liked OneNote, but the lack of a proper, native Mac client has always put me off using it to its fullest potential. Snag it for yourselves now at the Mac App Store link below. Who else is pleased to see it?

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Reader comments

Microsoft OneNote now available in the Mac App Store


Love it. Now on to the next two so I can get my manager to approve a Mac for me. Visio and Project. I know there are the Omni Group apps as alternatives, but my company doesn't allow the alternatives.

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Love it! I used OneNote on my Windows boxes before and ditched it once I cancelled my Office365 subscription. Now that it's free on Mac may start using it again instead of Evernote. Just wish they'd update the design on the iPhone app.

I am with iSRS. I just need Visio for the Mac (Native) and I will be set. Using it via Crossover is a pain and 2010 and Crossover are not real friendly to each other. And NO I am not going to run Fusion, or Bootcamp.

I installed Onenote for Mac, and tried a few simple things such as creating a new notebook, clipping a web page, renaming a note book, deleting files & notebooks, etc.. It was very frustrating to say the least. Want to rename a notebook? After a trip to Google I learned you have to do that in onedrive. Want to delete it? That takes a trip to the onenote web app. And to top it off, when I reopened Microsoft Onenote Mac, the deleted notebooks were back. Fortunately the app did not come back after I deleted Microsoft OneNote from my Mac.

I *WAS* very pleased to hear this until I downloaded it. Doesn't allow the user to insert files. Really? I thought one of the purposes of OneNote was tight integration with the office suite. As for now, Evernote still trumps OneNote for Mac as I can attach PPT, PDF and other files.

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Needs to be stand alone. Simple things require onedrive. Yes it is free, but it is nothing more than the iPhone app made for the Mac. It is not as useful as Evernote, or any other note app.

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Disappointed that there are no ink annotations. Still searching for the perfect confluence of note taking, PDF management annotation, and freeform editing to help me through grad school.