Microsoft is planning to bring Xbox Live to Apple iPhone and iPad

Microsoft is planning to bring more Xbox Live experiences to Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, as well as Google's Android platform.

“While the Xbox Live experiences and games always work best on the Windows platform, we understand that some Xbox fans may be using other types of devices. To satisfy that need, we are working to extend a few of our Xbox experiences and titles to other platforms.”

All of Microsoft's current XBox efforts have done well on iOS and Microsoft isn't exactly a company to leave to money on the table or avoid recognition, it's another avenue for both of those things if Microsoft puts the effort into it. No mention was made of when we could expect to see these efforts put into to place but if we had to wager a guess, we'd bet it's not all that far off.

Given that Microsoft's Windows Phone is still -- as some would say -- 'ramping up', it only seems logical that Microsoft would target iOS and Android users as well, especially considering the market share Apple and Google have in the mobile space.

Microsoft has already made a small foray on iOS with the release of My XBox Live and Kinectimals, but who knows what could be next. Halo, anyone?

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Microsoft is planning to bring Xbox Live to Apple iPhone and iPad


His badge on the phone icon is empty most likely because the visual voicemail feature is not supported on his carrier. At least this was the case when I had T-Mobile on my iPhone 4. It's basically a conflict between carrier and software

Has anoyne noticed the way they speak about it? They have a dazed look in their eyes while saying it'll change everything Really? when we saw the phone with gizmodo it was just another generation, but put in the music and advertisements and catchy slogans etc, and they make it out to be amazing when really its not, They have added a better camera, added a vga on the front, hd recording, led flash and another mic, and made the screen and speed better. Done

usually when stuff opens then ilnsantty closes it's a permission issue. like it gets to blank black cover then looking at the icons again? Could be file perms.

There's already Halo Waypoint for ios which was originally only for windows phone. My Xbox live was just for windows phone also. Now If my game center achievements meant xbox live achievements as well, I'd be set.

S n o o z e..... Since Bomber and the monkey's from the Red Mound of pigeon droppings can't build anything for their own slop to run on this is what you get.... M E H.......

Get over yourself. This is great news for all of us gamers out there. One and for all put your fanboy flag down and enjoy it when companies that are rivals, co-operate when needed.
Also stay tuned for Nokia N9. That just might be the phone that will get me to switch from Apple to MS ;)

I'm not sure if i'm so eehtrallnd. As a former iphone user and a recent Android convert, I like being able to watch Hulu on my phone!

OBJECTION VOTRE HONNEUR ! Quant au nvoeul iPhone, Apple avait annonce qu'on ne parlerais QUE software a la WWDC. Donc tu ne peux pas etre decu a ce sujet. Objection retenue.

Great. Another reason to avoid Windows Phone. I can get the primary reason for having it on the iPhone 4S . LOL!!!

apples shaft is dug so deep inside of your mouth everything you fanboys say is just the excess of what apple shot in it lol i use windows phone, and i have had an iphone. how does that make u better than anyone that people have preference you who so blatantly blurt out apple at every turn you like the 4s fine but why bash a product? what have you created lately?

I have a 3Gs and im about to try this jalrbieak out. i just updated to iOS 5 when i saw that the old bootrom (what i have) was an untethered jalrbieak, you bet your sweet ass i wanted to do this.