Microsoft super-happy Windows Phone is outselling non-existent cheap iPhone!

Microsoft super-happy Windows Phone is outselling non-existant cheap iPhone!

Apple has 0% share of the under $400 phone market, yet Microsoft is ecstatic they're managing to out-sell Apple in exactly that market. Phones still feel new, even though the market is huge. In the car market, Chery outselling BMW in China wouldn't get the same kind of pickup, because it's better understood and, frankly, enjoys more mature coverage.

That said, I kinda like it. Microsoft needs a passionate, scrappy fanbase to succeed in mobile. It's crazy to think of Microsoft, which rules the desktop, as an underdog, but after numerous fits and starts, that's exactly what it is.

When they hit #1 at over $450 dollars, however, it'll start getting serious.

Source: TechRadar via Microsoft is ecstatic

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Rene Ritchie

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Microsoft super-happy Windows Phone is outselling non-existent cheap iPhone!


Another fanboy filled drivel from Rene, who says $450 above market is the serious one? Are you an Apple employee or Apple shareholder that you get benefited by the profits generated by Apple? For a change, get serious and write more objective articles like other Mobile Nation editors.

Rene calls it as he sees it. He isn't saying $450 and above is the only serious market, just that MSFT isn't seriously competing against AAPL in the phone space. MSFTs premium handsets are outselling no-one, anywhere.

Check out WPCentral first. I own a windows phone and got sick of how every single article was praising everything MS does.
I've at least seen Rene critical of things Apple has done.

I meant it would start getting serious, because that is the only time we will actually hurt Apple.

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Oh i'm sorry. the average consumer doesn't see things as $450 off contract devices. Most see it as $100 to $200. So technically Apple is in the "cheap" market.

True, but only for the US. Anywhere else Apple competes on price as well, and perhaps that is why they have limited success in markets like the EU.

I think you misunderstand the market. Apple is making a fortune off of each and every one of those phones. They are so valuable to carriers, because they bring data plans with them, that they can get a lot of money upfront.

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To be honest, iPhone will be under considerable trouble if US carriers' don't subsidize smartphones. Same with other high end smartphones like Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Let's not pretend that cost doesn't matter.

An Apple customer

P.S: My username says 'wp' but I use a Nexus 5. Sorry if you think I'm a troll.

Many carriers have tried not carrying the iPhone, because of the expense, and it has thus far it has hurt them far worse than just paying Apple and getting the high-value customers that come with them.

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But, wasn't that due to the iPhone's exclusivity to certain carriers, and didn't they only suffer from lack of iPhone once it began to be subsidized by said exclusive carrier(s)?

It is irrelevant who outsells who, what is relevant is who gains what marketshare, and lately it's not looking good for Apple in many EU markets compared to WP.
As for developing markets, that's irrelevant because Apple does not cater to those.

1) market share without segmentation is irrelevant (see Chery analogy), 2) it's unclear, even with segmentation if it's relevant, 3) Apple has an incredibly high share of the over $600 phone market, not sure that's any more relevant to consumers.

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Yay Windows! Get you some phone sales.
I've always felt that if Apple can make an iPod touch, they could make a less expensive iPhone. I think Apple should offer a "budget" model iPhone.

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If Apple offered a truly inexpensive iPhone, with decent features, alas, their regular iPhone sales would be in the toilet and the company would go bye-bye.

My main phone is the Lumia 520. For $130 there is little that can beat it. Having said that I wouldn't touch a Windows Phone if it cost as much as a mid-range ($300-450) Android phone or an iPhone. I was given an old beat up 4S (doesn't work as a phone however), but use that for the apps and camera which just work better.

No offence Rene. But long term wise. Apple is in pretty big shit of they don't spread out more other than hardware. There's a reason why Google and Microsoft are so diverse.

That hasn't historically been the case. Most of Microsoft, and many of Google's other efforts have not been successful. Apple sticks to a few things, but typically makes a lot of money off of them. Of course that can quickly change, but there's very little precedent for so far.

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Yeah, kind of a harsh post by Renee, no need to be so defensive. Its clear for everybody that apple its winning market and mindshare wise... Its all right for Microsoft to gloat a little for the very few wins they get, no matter how small they are.
I have an iPhone and just got a cheap Lumia 620 (not my first WP btw) and if it weren't for some apps missing, its a really capable platform.

"Apple has 0% share of the under $400 phone market, yet Microsoft is ecstatic they're managing to out-sell Apple in exactly that market."

Sigh. Ballmer would never have approved of anything that dumb if he were still alive.

VW is outselling Ferrari, it's true but totally meaningless comparison. Outright price Lumina 520 compared to iPhone is just as meaningless... Compare Lumina 1020 vs iPhone 5S and now tell me MS is outselling Apple. ? Not even close

Thats nice for windows!! i think wp is kid of interesting, but.... no i wouldt change ios for all those squares.....

Actually, according to WPC's article, it says "the platform is also claimed to be outselling Apple's iPhone line-up in 24 markets, putting Windows Phone in the position of "fastest selling smartphone globally."

not "$400 market"