Microsoft's SkyDrive goes iOS 7, gets camera backup and more

Another big name app has gone through the iOS 7 makeover today with Microsoft pushing out version 4.0 of its cloud service app SkyDrive. The most obvious thing that hits you is the new look interface that screams iOS 7, but it also makes full use of the new background sync capabilities with the new automatic camera upload feature.

  • Camera Backup for automatically uploading photos and videos to SkyDrive
  • Improved integration with Office Mobile for iPhone and OneNote, including the ability to edit Office documents
  • New look and feel for iOS 7
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

The ability to edit Office documents for Office Mobile users is also a welcome addition, and SkyDrive is now looking like a pretty powerful mobile cloud tool for iPhone and iPad owners who prefer a flavor of the Microsoft elsewhere. Camera upload has been present for SkyDrive users on Windows Phone before now, and it's a useful thing to have if you like to backup your photos to the cloud.

Is SkyDrive your cloud service of choice? How does the latest update find you?

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Reader comments

Microsoft's SkyDrive goes iOS 7, gets camera backup and more


Great. Camera back-up was a big missing feature. And i use this to back up photos mostly because i have 20gbs free. But document editing should be part of the app. And there's no chance i'm paying a hundred bucks for editing. I get that free on one of those google apps, drive or QuickOffice

Always glad to see apps moving to the iOS7 look and feel. It makes this skydrive app look SO much better than before.
However, it's still microsoft. A monkey in a tux is still a monkey. I think I'll stick with Dropbox.

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I've been using SkyDrive for a while now. Although it may not have the compatibility of Dropbox (which for me isn't an issue), it has by far the best value of Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud....especially since I have 20 gigs for free.

The new version looks and functions great. It also backs up your current pics automatically once you turn the option on. It doesn't, however, run the backup while your screen is off (kept pausing about 30 sec after my screen turned off).

That's the thing for me. 20gbs free is a great value. Dropbox i had 2GB. When i started archiving all my photos it quickly occurred to me that i'd exceed the remaining 1.5 GBs. Not to mention about a year ago Dropbox had that thing where they changed their agreement and added language that they could license all your pictures. First they said if you don't agree delete your stuff from dropbox. I did. Then about a week later the Internet got wind of the language and it was a story on every gadget blog and they relented and updated their user agreement to remove that language. but i'd already deleted my docs from there. But those two things, lack of space and a scary user agreement drove me away.

Skydrive on the other hand gave you 25 free GBs at the time (i think they eventually decreased it) and i figured 25 GBs would give me a ton of room to archive my photos. I don't use cloud services. It'd be nice if every app could interface with it but honestly i don't need that very often anyways. And even so now i have 25 GBs in Google Drive, 25 GBs in Box & 5.5 GBs in Sugar sync. With all that free i can't justify paying for Dropbox. Not to mention i technically have like 5 or 6 gmail accounts so i'd suppose each one may have 25 GBs of drive space that i'm not even using.

I sort of have a similar calculation with icloud music with itunes match vs google play with matching. I don't have music from itunes so i can either pay Apple to store songs in the cloud or i can get it free from google. Apple may be better in that in integrates with my native music player but Google offers me a value i can't pass even with it's peculiar app. Plus, i don't use cloud music often anyways.

Careful when using app! Defaults set to back up your camera roll over the network!

I also changed the settings to not resize my photos and back up video. I have a windows phone for work, so this is a great app to share photos between devices.

It's a neat app that I hope I never have to use. Would much prefer a Mac over a windows.

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Won't auto update over wifi as the app doesn't have access to wifi when your out if the app or the screen is off. Useless.

Except Google+, Dropbox, and Flickr (all in my experience) work flawlessly on iOS for this exact same function. So nice try, but no go on the Apple trolling, buddy!

yeah that is a major flaw. apps not useless as it was perfectly useful before today's update but it's a problem. the point is to make it back up my pics without me having to do it. Hell i can and do already upload pics manually with skydrive. They really need to fix that.

Pretty neat app, another exclusive feature on the windows phone moved over nicely

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I use SkyDrive all the time and am very glad to see an interface refresh, but the "document editing" is misleading. It just takes you to Safari like always. Only difference is that you don't have to login now. Why couldn't they have just integrated a browser in a new tab or something?

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I'm a google drive & Dropbox user. Except outlook & excel for work I avoid Microsoft products.

Except for the Xbox 360 of course. :)

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Not saying other companies don't do it but the whole NSA thing with Microsoft makes me weary of them.

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I'm liking the updates to the SkyDrive app. However, I recently took some photos and videos and the camera backup failed. I have it turned on for videos but there was an error on upload. Never had the issue with Dropbox so I think I'll stick with Dropbox until I have a reason to use something else. The additional space SkyDrive allows for free is one advantage though.

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