Apple rumored to be readying an 8GB iPhone 5c for launch... tomorrow? [updated]

iPhone 5c

Word is beginning to filter through the web that Apple is set to announce an 8GB variant of the iPhone 5c tomorrow. At least in Europe, anyway. The various mutterings arrive along with a report from UK site Coolsmartphone that claims to have received a tip off that at least 2 UK carriers have stocks already arriving ahead of launch:

We’ve received enough evidence from our source to know that at least two major carriers here in the UK have already received stock of the device, with further carriers as of yet unconfirmed.

The report goes on to say a press release will be issued tomorrow morning announcing the launch, and that it will be available from those carriers when stores open. Until we hear something more official, treat with the usual dose of skepticism. Never-say-never, but there isn't too much traction on this right now, and honestly, we're not totally sure how this would help Apple at this point.

That's not to mention that in this day and age an 8GB iPhone really isn't the product we'd recommend. To download an OTA update for example you often need around 3GB of free space, which with such a small amount onboard would require you to delete some of your apps and content. It's a nice phone, but it really is worth saving up a little extra cash and getting one you'll be much, much happier with.

So, we'll sit tight, for now. If this is all going down tomorrow, then we'll soon have more in the way of pricing. Would you be tempted by one?

Update: Engadget has obtained an image of the packaging for the 8GB iPhone 5c that adds a bit more weight to the rumors. Check it out below.

8GB iPhone 5c

Source: Coolsmartphone

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Apple rumored to be readying an 8GB iPhone 5c for launch... tomorrow? [updated]


If the price is right it will be a great gift for parents or old people.. Or kids.. So I would love to see it happen :-))

No it won't.

I followed the same rationale with the iPhone 4, which is available in 8GB version in my country, and its not worth it. There is almost no room for pics and apps, and forget about upgrading. There may be a niche for people who will not use it as a smartphone, but then again those are probably best served by a simpler device with a physical keypad.

The 5c is a nice phone & yes 8gb really is no good to anyone but £280 to buy outright would be a decent offering. The fact is it started off too expensive so they should just accept that & bring the price of the 16gb down to £350 to buy outright or Free on a two year contract. That will kick start it & I don't think it should be killed of with the next product cycle because it's a nice design & gives people a decent range to choose from rather than Black or White.......IN MY OPINION.

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I think Apple set themselves up to have two lines of iPhones going forward: Top-of-the-line "line" (read premium materials; aluminium, liquid-metal, sapphire) and A-slightly-more-accessible "line" (plastic, tempered glass, maybe w/o TouchID).

I don’t think that the success or failure of the 5c is all that important. What is more important is to have worked out a good "plastic" solution and introduced it. Now Apple will iterate on it and all the 5c experience/lessons will be factored in.

I actually switched from a 5S to a 5C. I really enjoy the feel of the phone. Very, very well built. It seems my signal quality is amazing everywhere, better than my 5S, not sure if plastic had anything to do with it. I have the white one, it has the power of today and retro feel of 2007. Haha

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Who would buy an 8gig iPhone these days? Even if it were free on contract? It would lead to nothing but frustration. Now if they would put a memory card slot in it that would be different, or make drastic improvements to iCloud and restructure the way it is utilized maybe it'd be worth a look... But we know that isn't happening anytime soon!

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In 2014 what really is the price difference between a 16GB and 8GB drive? I doubt Apple would be saving much money at all.

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Assuming this rumor is true, it would not be about saving money, but about preserving profit margin. The difference between 16GB and 32GB (or 32 and 64) is nowhere *near* $100, either, but Apple charges a $100 difference because people will pay it. An 8GB phone gives them room to slide the price down without torpedoing their current lineup and margins.

Assume further that Apple decided they needed a lower cost entry, either to hit emerging markets or as a response to Wall Street's reaction to the 5C. Apple is not about to release a crippled iOS version or substandard hardware, because that would be both a support nightmare and could hurt the overall user perception of the brand. Apple is also not going to slash prices on their current models. They can, however, differentiate by capacity.

Even though it has little relationship to actual component costs of flash memory, we as customers are used to $100 bumps at each memory level. I doubt they would go down the full $100 for an 8GB model,but, if they did, their lineup would include a current-generation phone for $99 on contact, which would be a tempting alternative to Android on the low end, without disrupting their current margin structure. (Or, if it eventually does disrupt their current pricing, they may be thinking that is better for Apple to do it to themselves than for Samsung or Nokia to do it to them.)

Interesting. An 8 GB 5c would seem to compete with the currently free on contract 4S. I wonder what the MSRP would be.

Next best question, if confirmed, is what are the sales of the 5c vs 4S. A lot of people just want the "cheap" or free iPhone. Could appeal to a lot of people while getting rid of the older hardware.

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i would seriously question whether the market gap, margin, usp etc was there for apple specifically in such a mature market as the UK, yea i could understand when they are re-releasing 4s in developing markets like india etc, but the UK...

i dont understand where apple is going recently with some things, maps, poor sales for the 5c, symmetry with health apps, implementation of ios7 game controllers. Where's the apple tv game machine, the iPad nail in the pc coffin, the bigger iPhone. Just look at how well and how simply touch id was done, and how massive carplay could be (except in a... ferrari, where the touch screen is... s**t, ios7 controllers all over again). seriously apple... employ some qc guys in white coats, before your shareholders have to be taken away by them!!!

8gb, I was hoping this news was a shocking new iPhone 6 with all the bells and whistles. But 8gb iPhone for 2014, who the hell would buy a 8gb anything? This is one of my biggest issues with many of the top of the line devices made by other manufacturers, not enough internal storage. I bought my 5S with 64gb and the ipad mini with retina display with 128gb. Granted Apple overcharges for internal memory but if you plan on keeping a device for any length of time I figure buy the device with the maximum storage. I am very happy I did. Nothing sucks more than when you see (Not Enough Storage for Download). Maybe the new iPhone 6 will have the 128gb version as the new ipad mini does.

I have a 16GB iPhone 5, and I wouldn't buy another one under 32GB now that I have some experience with it. It was my first one and I didn't know any better, cut me some slack!

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If i was to choose between this and a iPod Touch, I'd get this. Yeah 8GB is very tight, BUT using the cloud would make up for it...IF the price is right.

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Can't store applications or OS space in the cloud. Can't do much of anything with iCloud

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As usual Rene will have an argument to defend Apple on good or bad. This is easy..price. But Apple is scared of low end stuff market share.

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If they sell this for $100 less without a contract, wouldn't that put it at around the same price as the iPhone 4s? Perhaps, they are going to kill the iPhone 4s and sell this for the 4s price. This would certainly be a much better phone than a 4s. It will run iOS 7 as it should run.

good idea for people that can actually utilize it. seems like they should've brought this out months ago

People who know nothing about smart phones and computers may fall for an 8GB device, not likely anyone else.

Remember also that the OS itself takes up ~3GB of that, only download a few apps, and about 4GB is all that remains available. Not much.

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Regardless of price, 8GB is a big step backwards. Not sure of their thinking on this one.

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I think this could be a good move if it is marketed to the proper demographic groups. First in developed markets, older adults who would not be as likely to use many apps but have a hard time parting with $$$ for a phone (assuming it is priced right). Next would be the growing prepaid market here in the US. Again, if priced right it could attract those who are more interested in low cost but still would not mind a current looking phone. Finally, this could be successful in developing markets (again depending on pricing) to help bring them into the Apple products. Lack of memory may be a small problem but to those in these groups it would not be as big a problem as some would think.

8 GB? Hahahaha!
I guess if I were to look at this from the perspective of the original iMac when it was released without a floppy disk drive - who needs internal storage when you can store "everything" in "the cloud"
8 GB... Pffft-hahahahaha!

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well this article is correct because the 8GB iPhone 5c is on O2s website here in the wasnt on vodafones or EEs and three website is down