Minion Rush brings adorable characters from Despicable Me 2 to iOS

At E3, we caught up with Gameloft just as they were launching Minion Rush, an adorable endless runner based on the Despicable Me 2 film. Players dash through a veritable gauntlet of mad scientist contraptions as one of the bizarre yellow minions, collecting bananas along the way (they love those things, apparently).

The setting changes regularly, as does the perspective, which is a nice change of pace from many endless runners. Players have to tap, tilt, and swipe their way through obstacles for as long as possible, until you get stopped in your tracks. Players can earn (or buy) new costumes for their minion, as well as consumable power-ups to help out in their next run, and upgrade the ones they encounter randomly throughout the wacky course.

Minion Rush is a simple, polished endless runner based on a brand that's hard not to love. It's free, so definitely worth a play, especially if you plan on catching the movie.

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Minion Rush brings adorable characters from Despicable Me 2 to iOS


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