Mittens for iPhone and iPad review: Meet Disney's new feline-powered puzzler

Mittens is a new physics-based puzzle game by Disney where you must help Mittens the cat travel the world to collect milk, balloons, and other gifts to give to Mia, the girl cat he's in love with you. Collecting these gifts is no easy feat for Mittens; he must fly through the air, slide across buildings, swing on trapezes, and avoid enemies all while also trying to get 3 diamonds along the way.

Some of the interactions you'll encounter in Mittens is cutting boards, dropping from birds, flinging off power lines, swinging off ropes, bouncing off pirate bellies, and timing everything just right to complete the levels, collect all the diamonds, and not get attacked by enemies.

If the three included levels packs isn't enough (75 levels), you can buy 25 more "super challenging" levels at the Fishing Harbor for $0.99.

The good

  • 75 action-packed levels
  • Travel through 3 crazy level packs including Milktown, Balloonland and Mouse Cave
  • Interact with over 30 innovative physics-based mechanics
  • Beautiful 2D graphics and funny animations
  • Put your skills to the test and master extra-challenging levels with Game Center achievements

The bad

  • Cannot scroll around level before starting (though, this does add to the challenge)

The bottom line

Mittens reminds me a bit of one of the best physics-based games Cut the Rope. And that's a good thing. If you're a fan of these types of games, Mittens surely won't disappoint.

I'm totally addicted.

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Reader comments

Mittens for iPhone and iPad review: Meet Disney's new feline-powered puzzler


Mittens!!!!!! This game is the best! Kittens AND puzzles! Thanks again iMore. I can now take a break from ridiculous fishing.

Picked this game up a few days ago based purely on the reputation of Where's my Water (same developers, I believe). Have not been disappointed so far.

I've wasted most of my time playing games such as Cut the Rope, Cannon Cat, Where's My Water, Perry, Cover Orange, and a few others. And from the sounds of it, this one is just as addictive and fun as any of those!

Oh well... Mittens here I come!!!

Mittens is for the Kitten lovers like my niece. I dare not show her this app or I will have to wind up buying this for her. Great review!