MLB At Bat Is On Sale! But Buyer Beware!

MLB At Bat just announced a price cut that puts the price at a very affordable $2.99 (from $5) to get an impressive app with a slick interface and great features. Good deal, right? How thoughtful of you MLB to cut the price just in time for playoffs so us fans can get a taste of the action. WRONG.

Why is it a bad deal? Because you have to buy MLB At Bat again next year! The current version of MLB At Bat will expire after the end of the season which is in approximately the end of this month. Maybe even sooner. So if it's worth it to you to spend money on an app that will be useless in a few weeks time, by golly do it! But for the rest of us, Sportacular should work fine.

Does anyone else think charging users every year is a little ridiculous? Maybe I'm still in shock over the 6th inning of the NLCS and a little peeved about this whole baseball thing but I just don't find it good practice on MLB's part-they need to highlight this aspect a little better. But maybe after Game 2, I'll celebrate in utter jubilation by buying an app that will soon be worthless?

The MLB is again bungling this whole technology thing--remember they switched DRM for their videos back in 07 and users lost ALL previously purchased videos. DRM sucks but having things wrongfully taken away from you blows even more.


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Reader comments

MLB At Bat Is On Sale! But Buyer Beware!


MLB is a pile of sh*t. Biggest scam artist in sports history. Not only is it boring as hell to watch a game, but if your hungry you will have to waste an extra $5 for a hot dog or drink. It is not surprising they want to charge money for a crappy app and have to pay for it every year.

You guys are kidding right? Do you REALLY think MLB is going to provide you unlimited streaming video FOREVER for your $4.99 purchase? Get real.
The MLB At Bat application is outstanding, and considering how much it costs for the cable/satellite baseball package or the online video baseball package it is a STEAL.
$5 per season for on demand video clicks of action as it happens is an excellent deal.
People can't just give away all their content, it costs money to produce. This "everything should be free" mantra is completely and utter nonsense. People have to make a living.
The App Store doesn't support subscriptions so this is really the only way for MLB to offer a subscription like service given the limitations of the App Store. They will just release a new version of the app each year. It makes perfect sense.
Anyone that has a problem with this doesn't know the value of the content and isn't the target audience anyway.
To a baseball fan paying $5 for what this provides in the palm of your hand is not a big deal. Think about it. You spend that much going to Starbucks to get some coffee. The different? The coffee will be gone within an hour, the MLB app will keep providing content for an entire baseball season. Thats 6+ months worth of baseball goodness.
Quit complaining.

It is ridiculous that one would have to buy it again every year. I'm sure that they catch some people :(
KeyTasks (which is an Outlook Sync utility) is $9.99. When you look at the fine print, that's $9.99 PER YEAR!! For a tasks app and synching utility!
I wish there was an easy way to identify these apps. Actually, maybe the iTunes Store should have the responsibility to make it clear?

The target audience are a bunch of American retards. The one reason the American economy was ever doing good is because smart business men provide for the stupid people. Now the economy is going down because stupid people cannot last forever

There are at least 11 games left in the season, probably more. At $2.99, that means you'd be paying about 30 cents a game. The horror! How could they rip you off like that. I know times are tough, but really, it's three bucks. I hope they lower it again for the World Series.
When you have to pay every year for something it's called a subsription. Five dollars for an entire year of baseball is a ridiculously good subscription price.

If stupid people can't last forever, I hope for your families sake you have a good insurance policy because you won't be around much longer.
Amen. $5 for a years worth of baseball video on demand is a damn good deal for a subscription service. You explain that to the "everything should be free" morons that exist in this world. They just don't get it.
If you don't like it, don't buy it and STFU.

It's always the morons that have to insult to advance in a argument. I never directed anything towards you in my opinion, however you just had to include me an my family in yours. Loser

I, like a lot of other Americans, don't give a damn about MLB. Confucious say: "Baseball wrong, man with four balls cannot walk."
Yes, MLB may be ripping the public off but, as kalahari surfer said, the iTunes Store should be making it clear that it's a subscription that's needed for the app to continue to function.

It's an ok deal but think $5.99 for the season 162 games plus playoffs vs. $2.99 for just playoff does not seem so fair. It should be mmore like .99.

Carl's pretty much right. MLB has no way of monetizing the app via ads (too small, bad experience), so they have to charge. If you look at their other offerings (which are subscription-based, btw) the overall cost of the At Bat app is a relative steal.
I would assume that next year will be $9.99 for the year (since the original price only covered half of the season). Even at $10, that's 162 games plus the playoffs? On a per-game or per-day basis that's a miniscule cost.
I love reading about all of the whining and complaining about how charging for the app each year as new features and new (current) content are built into the product is wrong and how it should just be free. These people have no concept of economics or business and have been ruined by the "free" culture perpetuated by the web. You pay for your cell minutes each month. You pay for cable television. If you want real-time game data and streaming highlights delivered to your phone, you pay for that too. If you think that's unfair, then use the free WAP site at and stop whining. The experience pales in comparison, but if you want to be cheap, it's available to you.
Hey Casey, let's see TiPB turn off all of its ads - I've already seen them once, so it's greedy to continue to show them!
See how this works?

The MLB app is worthless without streaming audio. I'll pay if and when they release an official Gameday Audio app.