Still No MMS on AT&T -- But Would You Use it Anyway?

iPhone MMS - AT&T Late Summer

Apple announced that iPhone 3.0 would include MMS functionality way back on March 17 at the Sneak Peak Event. At WWDC 2009 Apple announced MMS would be available by launch day, June 19, to iPhone users all over the world -- except on AT&T.

Since then AT&T, already enjoying the disdain accredited to all modern, oligopolistic carriers, has taken an even worse beaten than usual in the arena of public perception. Either they were incapable of supporting the sheer number of iPhones they exclusively locked down on their network, or they were incompetent in handling the roll out in a timely manner. Even Apple's VP of iPhone Software, Scott Forstall, gave AT&T their equivalent of the stank-eye during his WWDC keynote segment. "Late summer" is all we've heard in terms of schedule, and the summer... it grows late.

But here's the thing we're curious about: let's say AT&T did launch MMS back on June 19 like the rest of the world, or let's say they launched it today even -- would you really use it? How many and how much? What kind of an onslaught is AT&T desperate to delay looking at here?

[Thanks to iPhoneduke for the prompt]

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Still No MMS on AT&T -- But Would You Use it Anyway?


For me personally, I only want it on my iPhone because I 'can'. I doubt I'd use it since I have email.
Plus, a benefit of email, the receipient can keep the email.
As you know when MMS and the likes, if something happens to your device, you can end up losing all those items. Where as email; well, you get my point...

Majority of people I know haven't jumped on the smart phone bandwagon, so it will get some use. And alot of people don't check their email as often as they do sms or mms messages, so after i email a pic I send an sms, check your email, might have well just sent it mms in the first place.

I send random pictures to my friends (some completely random, some at request) all the time through e-mail anyway, but setting people up with an MMS e-mail in Contacts (i've only done it for a few now) is a pain in the butt. Especially if they're not on AT&T because I don't really know the address for other networks, so I have to look it up first and I tend to skim the line of 3G and EDGE a lot, so it takes even longer on my phone.
My roommate just bought his 3G S a week ago, and while at the store, he asked the AT&T rep there about the release of MMS, and he said September. That gives me hope that they haven't forgot about us, but I'm not schmuck. I work as a Support Technician. I know what development dates mean. September could be September, but it could also mean any time in Q4....
I guess I'll just cross my fingers for now.

Major Fail AT&T! MMS should have been up and running back in June when 3.0 was released. This is just another reason on top of the other dozen or so that Apple should go to other carriers. AT&T is bathing in our money and they can't even build their 3G network to support iPhone use. The 3GS will never see the 7.2 3G network before AT&T rolls out 4G. What's the point?
I like having the option to use MMS and it should be on the iPhone just like millions of other phones out there. How hard is it? AT&T plain sucks and Apple is beginning to suck major for its piss-poor policies on the ap store.

I use it a lot with all of my friends. The reason is that it underpins the text messages. You can also use e-mail and sms messages at the same time, but I think MMS will replace e-mail (picture included) in the near future. Somehow this is already happening, think of instant messaging where the sending of the message with pictures will communicate instantly...

I know I'm in the minority on this but I wouldn't use this as often as most, however the masses want it. If I were AT&T, I would give it to them. If AT&T can't handle the bandwidth, then maybe they should get out of the mobile phone biz. This is the 21st century you know.

We pay for dammit make it available. Everybody doesn't have email on their phone for you to send them a picture or video

yes, here in the Netherlands same thing, but that will radically change in the near future. The costs off text messaging, MMS and even calling will vaguely decrease to the cost of zero. I think it is just a question of time while instant messaging is supporting all communication (photo, video, text, et.) and the costs will be near to zero.

I would use it sometimes. 80% of the people I talk to have smartphones so I email pics alot. I most likely would use it once it comes available just because I have it.

Summer doesn't end until September 22nd people. So we are really only half way through. I'll use it to view the ~4 mms's I get from a handful of friends a month. But that's about all I'll use it for. I don't take pictures with 12 year old camera technology.

I think it's pathetic that I can't send MMS from the most advanced mobile device on the market, but I can go add a line, get a free phone and send both email AND MMS from it. Boo, AT&T!

For me, it's not about how much I would use it, but about how much other people use it. I don't know how many pics I would send via text, but I get MMS pics from people all the time and it is such a pain in the @$$ to follow the link to the messages web page, type in the msg ID then the password, then half of the time it doesn't even work!!! It is the only thing I don't like about my iphone.

I probably would only use it occassionally, but we should still have that option.
TomTom actually launching their app or MMS...I wonder which one will happen first...?

I would use it just to deal with my non-iPhone friends. I'm sick of getting MMS from them and not being able to view it. What's worse is dealing with the snide comments about the iPhone's PERCEIVED inadequacies. I usually respond back with "that piece of sh!t RAZR can't receive emails? ... that's nice ..."

I'm sorry, but AT&T needs to get on the ball with MMS. Not everyone has a smart phone. It's funny because my friends with cheaper phones can send and receive MMS pics and I can't. LAME!!!!

I'm with vincentvega. I would very rarely send MMS messages, but when friends send them to me I can't stand the worthless website AT&T sends you to.

Is there a cost for the person receiving the MMS or is it part of their text package? What about sending to non -ATT customers?

I've never sent an MMS in my life (even with my older phones) and I've always felt that I probably never would. But the fact that AT&T has it on other phones, it's unacceptable not to have it working on the iPhone. Period.
Since seeing the 3.0 Preview, I've thought maybe I'd use MMS to send contacts and maps as long as the option was available to do so, right?
Sure, MMS should be phased out and all phones should have email by now. But until they do have email "" should not be the alternative — MMS should be.
I voted "Doesn't matter, USA should have it..."

I think after two years of dealing with AT&T's shortcomings when it comes to the iPhone, it's either time for them to sh1t or get off the pot.
MMS is not that big of a deal, but it only adds fuel to the fire of their failure to rollout and substantial 3G coverage and that fact that it too many AT&T users gather together in one place, the entire networks seems to topple. Add the failure to offer a basic service like MMS on their number one selling device but allow it on every other device with a camera.
They brag to us about the great profits they earn from iPhone sales, yet they use the iPhone as the "excuse" for not offering better services. They have all but admitted that they can't handle the iPhone alone so they should waive the remainder of their exclusivity contract and let other carriers start shouldering some of the load.
Obviously, they won't do this since it would effect their subscriber numbers, but Apple should have written into their contract that if AT&T could not offer a decent QOS with basic MMS services and competitive 3G coverage, they should be able to pull the iPhone out of their deal and offer it to other US carriers.
AT&T has made the iPhone look bad for way too long and it's time for Apple to quit taking the black eye for them.

@vincentvega +1
No matter how many times I tell friends and family that don't use iPhones that I have no desire to view their pics thru a clunky web interface, I still get about half a dozen MMS messages a day. 'Oh, look what Pookie did!' GRR!
I suppose, however, that most of my pics end up on Twitter now for everybody to see, so I don't know that I'd use it going out very much.
But the point is the point, and that is that everybody else in the world is MMS'ing, so what's the deal AT&T? Don't have enough of our money yet?

I didn't send MMS when I could ( I had a razor ) so I doubt I'll send them from the iPhone. The only pictures I send are with E Mail or upload to Facebook. Hell I don't even send regular text messages. It's just hard to understand why the iPhone is the only AT&T phone not supported. I'd settle for a reasonable explaination.

I use MMS only occasionally, but the real issue for me is explaining to every estranged friend whose message I never answered (nor received) that I'm not ignoring them, but my $500 phone can't receive their message, nor can it notify them in return that it can't--that the message was sent into the black hole of AT&T and/or stored on a government-viewed server for later exploitation.
With two pregnant sisters, I'm constantly having to remind them "no, I didn't get the pic--I didn't even know you sent one, let alone five. Just email it to me. No email on your Razr? Guess I'll never see them, then." Fun.
It's a basic functionality, in my opinion, and should be included post-haste.
Camera-equipped phones are easily the most readily available recording devices to most people, and sharing those captured moments become increasingly complicated (and costly) for the non-smartphone-enabled majority, especially if they have to remember which of their friends and family have fancy phones but bricked MMS capability.

I had the samsung instinct for a year before I got the iPhone 3gs. Terrible phone(the instinct)! The web browser was weak it was slow and awful to look at but sprint has it's shi# together. I had fully functional mms, free gps that Att wants to charge me 10 dollars a month for or pay 70-120 dollars an app for, free tv that Att charges 20 bucks a month for, and way better call quality than Att. I'm still ok w being w Att cause of the iPhone but when palm comes out w a second generation pre that holds a charge for longer than 2 hours and wont shatter if you drop I'm switching back!

@ Ivan Williams.. MMS or SMS is SAVED via itunes backup no you won't lose it. E-mail is saved yes but I've lost plenty of e-mails as well. MMS is HUGE! I'm so sick of receiving web links.. then the access code garbage..

@ chris: preach on! That's exactly how I feel , lol. My 500 dollar iPhone I love it yes, but the fact that I miss out on my friends pic messages is really a bummer

This would really be a moot subject if we could get a little push gmail love. The only advantage that MMS has over free email is instant receipt.

I would use it a couple times a week but I think that I want it more so that I'm not typing in the username and password anymore when I receive one!! I tend to ignore photos people mms to be just because it's such a hassle to mess with that username and password! I also wish you could copy individual lines in an SMS message also so I could copy just that AT&T user or pass. It's a horrible system as is!

I have it on my phone (rogers in Canada), and I've used it ONCE, and that was when someone sent me a MMS picture haha. I guess I just grew accustomed to not having it at all with my first generation iphone. Email or twitter (twitpic) is where it's at!

I'll use it for receiving only.
What's sad is that I thought once copy and paste was available I'd be able to use that on, taking away a lot of my frustration but that turned out to be a big whomp whomp itself.
And regarding AT&T's 3G rollout, it's not like they have expanded their network since the iPhone launched, it's just they started out behind and since iPhone sales really haven't slowed since the 3G was launched at the $200 pricepoint they haven't been able to keep up with the demand. By no means am I apologizing, shiiiet, I'm hoping that another carrier will pick up the iPhone so the mere competition will literally force AT&T to put up or shutup.

I could not care less about MMS. Likely due to the fact that when the original iPhone dropped in 2007 it wasn't available. Since then I just use email to send pictures, and there are MMS workarounds, sending pics to a phone's email address works GREAT.
Am used to using email to send pics, so even when AT&T "enables" the MMS function, I won't use. Just don't need to. My fam/friends receive pics from my iPhone just fine using email.

How about AT&T give iPhone users running unlimited data/text messages a rebate for the entire time MMS has been unavailable?

like someone else said, if I send a picture email, I then have to send a text saying check your email, so of course MMS makes sense.

I would personally not use it. I don't send or receive MMS messages. I don't really see myself starting, although if I get friends who want to send me them...

I just want to be able to do this. I sold my old iPhone 3g to a friend and he was like 'so how do you send pic messages on this thing' and I was like well you can't. Yet. And he just kind of laughed and was like, What? It just seems silly that the best phone out there can't even send pic messages

I too am sick of recieving pics and having to go to the ATT web site to see them. It's a pain and75% of the time there is an error viewing the message.
Furthermore, I can't explain to all of my contacts how to sent me a email pic from their phone. It's abusrd.

I would use it all the time. Hate how att does pictures right now. it sucks! and sometimes takes 3 or 4 times to do it.

I won't use MMS all the time but I want to have it. I am tired of my Verizon friends making fun of me b/c I can't send MMS. It needs to END!!! I have an iPhone and they are using a freaking Treo. This should not be!!!

I am sure i would us it quite a bit - but not as much as I would had I not had access to Twitter and posting to TwitPic, etc

I don't care anything about sending MMS much. But receiving would be nice. The stinkin website they make you go to never works. So I never get the picture messages I want.

I for one probably wouldn't use it quite so much. Most of my friends don't have unlimited data or MMS plans, so I probably wouldn't be able to send them pics anyway. As always, its nice to have the option. Also it'd be nice to receive them.
As for tethering... Since I've had the Iphone for about a year, I would've probably really used the tethering about 10 times, which isn't really alot considering I've had it for a year and I travel quite a bit. If I want to access email or send messages or use internet, the Iphone itself is usually more than enuf. Plus AT&T wants to charge 60 bucks for it even though plenty of other phones get it for free. Just yesterday I found that the MyTouch 3G (T Mobile) with the same plan is only 75 bucks a month, and of course all of their phones have free tethering (they don't care whether or not you use it). Even my old N75 on AT&T had free tethering through PC Suite. I don't know how far AT&T will try to push Iphone users, but sooner or later they are going to lose customers (unfortunately not enough to offset the money they make through charging people).

For those of you receiving errors on the horribly worthless, do you ever check them again several hours later? I only ask because of the four or five I've received over the past two years, ALL had errors, but worked later in the day/night (sometimes up to six hours later, or even the next day).
Of course, I only bother re-checking mine because I receive so few of them. But if I received several a day, like some here do, I'd completely understand not wanting to waste time to keep checking. They should appear immediately.

I'd be interested in this mostly for occasional use to exchange pics and videos more easily with feature phone users. Personally, I think there are many more useful and less antiquated ways to share media. But MMS shares the same kind of ubiquity -- well, sans iPhone in US -- that SMS. To not even support the option on a device is, well, just stupid.

Some of you just dont get it do you. Its the people that have mms and dont have email on there phone that are behind the ball.

I'm with AT&T and have successfully been using SwirlyMMS flawlessly for almost six months. Of course, I've got a jailbroken iPhone.
Now, when Apple released 3.0 I tried the built-in MMS (possible if you jailbreak) but I quickly switched back to Swirly since it simply is better and has many features that Apple left out.
Jailbreak with redsn0w, available from and install SwirlyMMS from Cydia to see for yourself! Also check out the forum over at if you want more information about Swirly.

  • Jimmy

AT&T is slacking ( and I hate them 4 it lol) but do we all remember who didn't include mms in the original iPhone and waited a year after the 3g was out to provide a software update to allow this feature. LoL Come on apple , man up. Oh and off subject , I was with my cousin yesterday and he has no credit so we went in to sprint store so he could buy a boost mobile pre paid phone. It was the first time I saw in person and handled the palm pre ,. It feels like cheap ass $hit , and I rather have my iPhone minus mms any day over that. I ASKED WHERE THE PALM PRE WAS AND THE SALESMAN SAID RIGHT BY THE SIGN CASH 4 CLUNKERS .. lol

I have had MMS working on my phone since 3.0 beta 3, I think. I am on AT&T. I never use it though. I really have only used it to test it out a few times and that is about it. I mean there were times I would have used it in the past but right now I have pretty much no use for it.

I've had MMS working on my iPhone since 3.0 beta 3 as well, Mattshall. Never used MMS on other phones that I had, but since I've had MMS working on my iPhone, I USE IT ALL THE TIME!!! It is the best implementation of picture messaging I've ever seen on any phone! It's rather addictive, to tell the truth.

Just so you know the timeframe, I've had MMS working on my iPhone 3G since the end of March. That's a little over 4 months with MMS. C'mon AT&T, get everyone else's MMS working!

You are right the implementation of mms is flawless... What I like to do is sit there and send mms messages to my other friends withOut MMS and they are always like how the h$ll dud you do that? It's so funny to see them fiddle with that stupid website just to see a screen shot of me sending mms messages... I know I am a jerk.

It really seems the tables have turned and Europe is getting the good tech early for once. Mms, tethering and spotify. AT&T sounds like a joke of a carrier.
I'm in the uk and we get mms for 4 texts out of our bundle along with free data (which I can never get 3g on btw!)

Although I send way more SMS than MMS, I do send and receive photos several times a week, and what a pain to email when I am already texting that person. I think people are ok with the email thing, but if you are not using your smartphone for all it's worth, why buy one?

@ travis
plenty of people report issues with the hacked carrier setting regarding mms. Most say the get the "red mark" that the message failed. So what's your secret to 100% usefullness? My Tethering works flawless, mms not at all. Please share with your community.

Personally, I don't care much for MMS. Sure, I may send the occasional picture to someone, but I use email for that. I find it better. If someone can't send/receive email on their phone, I don't think we can be friends. I'm just saying....

I'm going to respond to your comment directed at Travis. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT hack your iPhone to send MMS without changing your iPhone text messaging plan to a regular non-iPhone messaging plan. AT&T will charge you $0.30 per MMS sent. I know because this happened to me but only 2 went through at the time. It was just $0.60 but still, money is money.
I can tell you what I did to get my MMS working on my iPhone 3G:
1) I called an AT&T rep and had them "provision my AT&T account for MMS".
2) I also had the rep change my iPhone unlimited text messaging plan to the non-iPhone unlimited messaging plan. What I also noticed was that my iPhone data package was changed to an unlimited Internet/MEdia Net package. All of this is the same price as my preexisting specific iPhone package.
3) Switch your SIM card from your iPhone with someone's MMS capable phone also on the AT&T network for a while and make a few calls in addition to sending a few MMS messages. When I did this, none of the messages went through.
4) Place the SIM card back into your iPhone and apply an AT&T hacked carrier update .ipcc file to unlock MMS options in your settings.
5) Reboot your iPhone and Voila! You have MMS working on your iPhone 3G or 3GS!

Come on AT&T and get with the program! How can a free crappy phone support MMS and the iPhone doesn't?!? And don't tell us that you needed all this time to 'change the code' because that is a cop out. I have several friends that are engineers and work for Verizon and said they could have been ready in a week.
Also, the viewmymessage site is the WORST site ever. 75% of the time there is an error that prevents me from seeing my MMS. And some times the pictures are distorted and stretched too.
As someone who uses their phone for work and play, it's important to be able to view picture messages whenever they come in.
As soon as another carrier in the US offers the iPhone with legitimate service, I'm switching in a heartbeat. I used to have Blackberry Curve and could do email and MMS with no problems at all on T-Mobile. They even have a MUCH cheaper talk and data plan too. What gives AT&T? The only reason I switched was for the iphone.

while mms is far from a dealbreaker for me, there have been several times when it would have been nice to have. plus my friends free crappy samsung t-mobile phone can do it. speaking of t-mobile, at&t isn't the first to not have mms on a popular phone. when i had my sidekick 2, it had the same stupid system of having to get the pics through an email link. the big difference was it was a lot easier to access.

No MMS was one of the reasons I got rid of my first gen iPhone and the promise of it was a contributing factor to me getting the 3G. I would really like to not have to get on a computer and deal with AT&T's stupid Flash viewer every time someone sends me one. It's a pain. Besides that, every phone on the planet supports MMS. Wtf?

I would use MMS often. i'm constantly catching grief from my friends using phones they've had for 5 years telling me how silly my phone is if i can't send pics. not to mention the pain in the ass way to retrieve a MMS message.
Let's get this done already.

One of the main reasons I'm leaving AT&T when the iphone become availible with another carrier. What other phone in todays market doesn't send MMS? AT&T is lame for that!

i have had mms and teathering for ever since 3.0 was released here in the united states thanks to where it was very simple and easy to learn how to enable those options in settings by doing a simple carrier update in iTunes(you don't need to be jailbroken even) I used mms alot at first but haven't recently as much as I believed I would before I had the ability to actually send them. teathering on the other hand is very nice to have lightning fast Att 3g wherever I go with my laptop :)

First off, since day one (since the first iPhone was ever released); there should have been MMS functionality!!!! Every phone nowadays has it. Plain and simple.
Email is NOT a replacement for MMS. The funtion and purpose are totally separate. Period!
MMS is and always has been a quick and easy way to send an image or other media as quickly and simply and as easily as sending a text via a MOBILE PHONE. Ex: something happens at a park that is funny and you want to send it your friends mobile phone by simply texting the picture. Its meant for mobile people. Mobile phones. On the run. On the fly.
Email is not supported by all phones, but all phones now, from the humble flip to the rediculously lavish smartphone can use MMS. Ohhh but not iPhone. You have to clumsily hunt down or maybe even call someone for thier mobile email address (btw nobody knows it since most people don't use it), then send it and hope it gets there. Of course, people with the average phone typically wait to get home to see the email if Its sent to their most used account. MMS is instant! All phones support it. AT&T and especially Apple can go $&@" themselves!

Tired of saying it. Got MMS already. It's pointless outdated technology that I don't use.
You won't either.

Bet iphones being used in third world countries with third world cell carriers probably have MMS. Then Apple and ATT wonder why iphones are being hacked. Apple is probably not too concerned going after iphone hackers because of ATT's incompetence with providing basic technology/service to an advanced phone.

just because u have MMS and you don't use it, doesn't mean others won't either. MMS is not email and certainly not "outdated". Email has been around since the dawn of the internet. Who cares. That's not the point. Mms was made for mobile phones.
If the iPhone can't support MMS then they should have called it the iMinimac or something. It first and foremost is a mobile phone as the name iPhone implies. It should behave more like one or at least support all the features of any common mobile phone.
And if you wanna think that well since u don't use mms then others won't either, then let's look at another feature of the iPhone and compare. Hrmm "notes". I don't have a mac or ms office so I don't have any use for it. It won't sync with my computer, therefore I may as well use a piece of paper and a pen. To recieve an mms as of att's current method, you'll need just that. A pen and paper... or photographic memory to record the UN and PW that only a Terminator could memorize.
iPhone sux. Don't buy one ever!!! Battery sucks. Apple is run by communists.

Mms still does not work on t-mobile holland on the iphone even though thier network has it for other makes , so you are not alone

The only other person I know that has an iPhone is my brother. Everyone else has a regular average phone with mms.

Give us MMS already! I'm tired of already setting up my family's phones (spouse,sisters, parents etc.) to send me pics through email and they still end up sending mms through text. My iPhone should do everything this side of the rainbow except wipe my a! Break out that MMS Toilet paper AT&T because it's a sad day when my archaic LG VX800 on Verizon used to get MMS all day and my fine a iPhone on AT&T don't.

I would love to get the AT&T person responsible
for me not having mms and just taze him in the nuts repeatedly until "late summer"

@ Loz
That's a very narrowminded, ignorant mentality you have there. Just because you have no need for MMS you're telling everyone else they don't and won't use it either? Wow, it's good you don't run a major corporation because if you did, you wouldn't stay in business for long. It's called seeing beyond your own experience to the experiences of others and finding out what drives them in their day to day phone usage.
So please don't make asinine comments like that again on an adult blog intended for mature, educated responses. You come off as very juvenile and more suited to a videogame forum where you can argue the merits of why the Xbox 360 is better than the PS3.

For thumper,
I hope that your phone company in Holland is trying to fix mms there too like AT&T says they are here in the US.. It makes you wonder though, Since the iPhone actually does support mms now, why didn't the phone companies in both US and Holland just turn MMS on? It's as if they didn't expect it to ever happen. iPhone users are not the majority of subscribers to the networks and given mms useage trends across all platforms/phones/whatever, what made the phone companies think we wouldn't miss it?
We should have had mms from day one.
Shame on Apple!
We should have mms now that apple supports it (3 phones later) Shame on Apple and AT&T.
and the Holland GSM company too!

So... you feel that calling someone's mentality "narrow-minded" and "ignorant," and calling their comments "asinine" just because you disagree with them (when they never attacked anyone personally), as being your "mature, educated response" in an "adult blog?"

@ Dexter..... And insulting someone for their oppinion is mature? Get off your high horse and act like an adult. I don't see u insulting @Bs for an immature yet hilarious nut tazing rant. If u disagree with an oppinion just say it don't insult someone for theirs. Or maybe you would be better suited at blog about college grads living in moms basement......dang it now I just insulted you... It's just a Att give me MMS

it really is a good feature, althou i have it hacked on to my iphone 3gs and works like a charm its a little buggy....AT&T needs to get on with already, for real this is str8 up BS

I think for us in the USA who pay for data and text would like to have it already. AT&T likes tho hold it's self high and mighty but where is mms already!?! I got the iPhone thinking it would have that feature or at least soon after the release. Truely upsetting to wait this long for high speeds, and mms. Big thumbs down for AT&T.

Actually I would like it. Would be a nice feature to have honestly. Sure we can email. But i'd rather just get a quick mms.

Man! Use the word MMS in your thread title, then sit back and watch the sparks fly!! It really is amusing. I'll be sad when MMS is implamented as some of the best entertainment on the web will dissappear.

Sending an email with photo attached isn't such a big deal. What really stinks is when someone sends a photo to your iPhone, from their plain old cell phone, via MMS and you get an email notification to go to a website and you have to enter an ID and PW that you can't copy/paste and then you get to see the pic and the person who sent it to you can't believe it took THAT long to look at the picture. That's when you look like a sucker.

We have gone through this since the launch of the first iPhone. I cannot believe that such an advanced MULTIMEDIA phone does not use MMS. Its a disgrace, I can buy a $5 Nokia that can MMS. Now that after 3 years Apple finally got MMS into the iPhone AT&T screws there customers over. Both companies dropped the ball HUGE on this one.

I know it's a little immature but I wanted my rant to be different :-)
And to capture how annoying it is as a customer to keep hearing: patience daniel son, AT&T give you mms "late summer"!

texting is the new e-mail. I do not think we are far away from phasing out personal e-mails. Of course for business it will always thrive, but the majority of the people I deal with use their texting as their email. It is always there, you do not need a computer, and its instantaneous communication. With the addition of mms, texting will be all people need.

michael alejandro said:
Aug 7th @ 12:31 pm
Some of you just dont get it do you. Its the people that have mms and dont have email on there phone that are behind the ball.
LOL! I wish I could give you a star for that comment.

YES! i would so use it all the time. ALL THE TIME! I want a text of someone saying "so what r u doing?" and ill take a picture and send it saying "this"
When someone texts me saying "wow i dont even remember last night..." ill text them a pic of them passed out in the dog house with permanent marker on their forehead saying "but no one else will forget it ;-) "
None of the people I need to send pictures to enjoy having to sign into their email on their phone IF they even have an email address anymore!!!! just to look at the picture the chick the the retarded smart phone sent. Its annoying and so many people cant figure out how to send a picture to an email from their phone....
Step it up AT&T because I will freaking drop your a** as soon as ANY other carrier gets these phones!!!
"Late summer" huh? I think thats the their way of saying, "we have no idea how to do this but we dont want to give another carrier a chance to give the customers what they really want and take ALL our customers" cuz that would sooooo happen!!!!
I switched from Verizon to AT&T just for an iPhone 3G because they're "so awesome" and look where I am now... I have a mini computer/ipod with a retarded phone in it!

michael alejandro Says:
August 7th, 2009 at 12:31 pm
"Some of you just dont get it do you. Its the people that have mms and dont have email on there phone that are behind the ball."
Well Michael, maybe you dont really "get" the concept of texting vs. emailing... I will explain it in a way that people like yourself (in front of the ball guys) might understand.
A text message and a picture message is instant. It makes your phone go "BING!" and ensures the message is promptly read in a timely manner and soon after (if your an interesting type) you will receive a "BING!" as well from the person you are having a conversation with.
Whereas with email, I myself have never received an email on any account saying "whats up?" "where are you?" "Party at my house!" That is strictly texting business. Email is for letters or non multi/quick conversational activities. When you want to send a nice picture to family and friends then yes email would be the answer for that. But if your like just about everyone else here that would like to snap a pic and have someone else immediately see the picture as well WITHOUT having to text them saying "dude, check your mail" then MMS is the answer.
People that think that MMS/texting is "behind the ball" might just be upset that their phone wouldnt be receiving lots of "BINGs!" from interesting people....
MMS is a good idea and AT&T likes to hold on to your scrotum and make you dance until they decide its time to call it "late summer"

Weird thing is, Apple took so long to come out with their 3G, I wound up buying a Moto Z9.
It's not an iPhone, but it's through ATT, and it's got MMS. So clearly, ATT is CAPABLE of offering the service, OTHER countries have MMS, so what's the hold-up?
I wanted a 3GS, but now I think I'll wait til Apple pulls the contract from ATT.

everytime when I go check the view my message site,
the picture is missing!
I really hope we get the picture message feature
on our iphone!! now!!

I would be using mine way too often.. cant wait for it.. There's many stupid bits of things on this planet to photograph. Like fatties in tubetops and 30 year old women with belly pudge wearing tight shorts and tummy shirts.
Or those mythical rare fat goth kids who go to pizzahut close to closing time.

What I am trying to understand is this. If I send a photo as a message to an Iphone, my friend gets a message telling them to input a password. Does this have anything to do with the lack of MMS service on Iphones? Secondly, as I understand it, my plan has 250 text messages a month. I don't text too often and also have little need for the web services either on my ordinary phone. BTW it's an Ericsson c905a phone with an 8.1 megapixel camera! Shouts Hooray! Could the AT&T guy I spoke with about sending photos via text message been snowing me about their inclusion in the texting plan? What is the business with the password?

Your posts inspire me to get the ideal I could be. thanks for that helpful details. I will definately be implementing this soon.