Mobile Nations Passport is now live!

Easily access all of Mobile Nations, all with one account! You can now also register and login via Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft!

Your most-requested feature is finally here! Instead of having to maintain separate account logins and passwords for each and every one of our five communities -- Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, Windows Phone Central and webOS Nation -- with Mobile Nations Passport you can now access all of your favorite sites with one easy login.

Now, don't worry! Even though we've unified our account management, we know and love the unique identities of each of our sites as much as you do, and we're not changing that. The power to control which sites you want your account to be associated with is still all in your hands -- we're making it easy, not automatic and certainly not mandatory.  We're also maintaining your individual post history and forum profile on a site by site basis, so you get the recognition you deserve for each and every platform.

The video above will give you a quick, two-minute run-down of how Mobile Nations Passport works. Watch it, and then register or, for existing members, simply login to activate your Passport now!

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Kevin Michaluk

Kevin Michaluk is Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations and soon-to-be owner of a gold Apple Edition watch!

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Reader comments

Mobile Nations Passport is now live!


Sounds good i know linking all those databases must have been a pain! The ability to sign in with twitter will be nice and i appreciate the warning about generated passwords.

Now if you can only fix it that Avatars only show up after you refresh a page.

I would love to win. I don't think my wife wants me to buy any more electronic devices at this time. She can't argue with free.

My wife is crazy about old ipad,she thinks it is the best. She still have one of the first mac's that was made with dial up. You've got mail, don't know what she will do with it. But if I win the latest ipad and phone,shes going to choke on crow. Now that would be great christmas present.