#MobileFit Month Kickoff Show!

This week the Connectedly show was highjacked in honor of #MobileFit month here at Mobile Nations. We're going healthy for the month of June, and we're getting things started with this kickoff show.

I was joined by Kevin, Phil and Sam for this episode where we talked all about #MobileFit month, Fitbit and some of what you'll be seeing from the Mobile Nations sites in the coming weeks. There are plenty of great things in store including some great contests to keep up your motivation.

So grab a healthy snack, drink some water and lend us your ear as we talk #MobileFit. And don't forget to join our Fitbit group if you haven't already!






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Adam Zeis

Mobile Nations Content Strategist

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#MobileFit Month Kickoff Show!

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Phil, I stopping drinking for 13 months (its a long story but did it to participate in a bet which I won and wanted to do something challenging and different). My weight dropped a few pounds, but the main thing was my weight did not fluctuate much at all in the 13 months.

Prior to stopping I was a huge beer fan (went to few beer festivals). I drink now and enjoy a drink or two but enjoy single malt scotchs more than beer.