MobileMe (Finally!) Unleashes Large File Sharing!

When Phil Schiller first demonstrated MobileMe at WWDC 2008, one of the features we instantly wanted immediately was the drop-dead simple method for sharing large files via iDisk and email. But the MobileMe launch came and went (and broke down, and went back up), with nary a large file shared between anyone. Until now.

Maybe it's the pressure of Google's new, free sync service or Microsoft's My Phone, or maybe Apple's engineers finally got it rock-solid. All we know is we're going to send us some big blobs of data starting today. Apple's MobileMe News has the details:

We're pleased to announce that you can now use your MobileMe iDisk to share files with others simply and easily. Instead of attaching a large document to an email and hoping it's not too big to be received, you can place the file in your iDisk and use the new Share File command in the iDisk web app. It lets you send your friends, family, or colleagues a link they can click to download the file directly. You can password protect the link if you choose to and even set how long it will be available.

They've even posted a tutorial! So, is this too little, too late for anyone? Or does it suddenly make MobileMe's yearly fee a bit of a better deal?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

MobileMe (Finally!) Unleashes Large File Sharing!


So I have to upload the file to my iDisk, log on to MobileMe through my web browser, find the file again and click a button, fill in a form and send.
Have you seen FileChute from YellowMug? Much simpler, faster and no need to logon through a browser - just send an email.
I think Apple have more work to do on this to gain the "it just works" award.

This is fantastic. I'm tired of sending people URLs and passwords and having to walk some of them through the download process. I'll be using this everyday. Thanks, Rene.

I only wish it would record the email in the Sent folder. There doesn't seem to be a way to later reference whom I've sent links to.

I used it already and it is very easy to use. Is 1 Gb really the limit? Can this limit be enhanced?

I was doing the first month after dot.mac gave me an iDisk with a Public folder :) You can bypass any email file size limit by simply putting a link in an email message. That has always been the case, Apple just made it easier with their little web app.
The beauty of the linking method is there is no log in required. The link simply downloads the file : I always *.zip or *.sit to force that download vs opening in a browser window. I also don't have to use the web interface to do the job.
I regularly setup a draft email with the desired link and keep that on the mail server. I can then send that message from my laptop or my iPhone when the time is right.
I posted an article on my site a year or so ago on how to do it as I was getting a lot of questions from clients. Here's the link:
Is the linking method secure? Well - it doesn't have a password associated with it unless you password protect the linked *.zip or *.sit file. However, I don't see a need for a password since I wouldn't be sending the email with the link to someone who's not supposed to have it. For security reasons I obviously password protect the Public folder but once I'm sending a link to a file in that folder, that security is bypassed and I'm fine with that given I know where I'm sending the content :)
Is apple's current method better? I don't think so -- it's just different and possibly easier for the casual user. But the fundamental ability to do this has been in place since the first days of dot.mac and those fundamentals haven't changed.

But it takes an hour to uploade 175MB?? what could I be doing wrong! I can't even macMail a 35Mb powerpoint file!!