Apple Posts MobileMe iDisk App Video Tutorial

Apple MobileMe iDisk App Video

Just downloaded the new Apple MobileMe iDisk app [Free - iTunes link] to your iPhone or iPod touch and eager to know it better? Apple wants to show you how, literally. MobileMe News covers Apple's latest App Store app, and has a video tutorial available to get you started.

For example, it explains that documents get downloaded to your iPhone, and recent documents remain stored for offline viewing. Nice.

If you pick up any other tricks, or have any pro tips for iDisk on iPhone, let us know in the comments!

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Apple Posts MobileMe iDisk App Video Tutorial


Does anyone know if you can store movies on there and then watch them on your phone? I'm thinking I can put TV seasons on my iDisk and then watch them per episode while I'm at work without wasting space on my phone.

Yes, I transferred the Watchmen movie from my i-Tunes to iDisk. Works great!!! This app is pretty awesome. It's like I now have an extra 20gb on my iPhone 3Gs. I am a very happy person today :)

That is so awesome that we can store movies to that now since the iPhone doesn't have that much space.

@ DAN That would be a good feature and common sense would say yes but there is no way in hell apple is giving anyone access to the iphone file system

Although you can't upload (and @Patrik, your argument makes sense), this app was long due. I'm really glad they finally released it!

Dan, Patrick
this is not an apple restriction. Quickoffice let's you do everything that iDisk appl does including upload iDisk and get mail attachments. You can move files between three sources/destinations: iPhone, iDisk, email attachments

I find it annoying that when you are using the app in landscape mode, the email client, when sharing a file, does not orient to landscape. The same can be said for the settings menu.

@Dryland The limits are 200gb/per month. I would think you could download continuously and not run out.

Having tried iDisk now and compared speed with Quickoffice... iDisk has a lot of room for improvement. Quickoffice opened a 3Mb word doc 10 times faster than iDisk.

So what is the point of iDisk if it can't even do everything Quickoffice does? I have quickoffice and I'm wondering why the hell i should even keep iDisk App on my iPhone now?

It would be so awesome if Apple would come up with a Mobile Me plan for just iDisk and Find my iPhone. I would love to be able to use these features, but don't need another email account. Definitely don't need to pay $99 / year for another email account I won't use. It would be great if they had a less pricey option that only gave you iDisk and Find my iPhone capabilities.

First of all iDisk is free... So if you have Mobile me but not Quickoffice, that is a point in it's favour.
A less expensive mobile me service would be great but unlikely. If anything I see Apple expanding it's capabilities and possibly raising the price, not lowering it.

Mail is usually a free thing with other accounts like an ISP that gives you a mailbox for free. I think you're really paying for the iDisk space and traffic. I doubt Apple would give you a discount for not using it.
I have several email accounts that I don't use; cellphone, ISP, MobileMe, even university!
I just see it as a free extra, not part of the cost.