MobileMe: Jobs Mandates Regular Status Updates, Some Email Lost

MobileMe: Apple Apologizes Again

Steve Ballmer (allegedly!) only throws chairs and smashes furniture. Can we even imagine what Steve Jobs must do to those who harshen Apple's mellow? Probably makes Dark Force lightning pale by comparison, as the MobileMe team has no doubt been finding out these last, long two weeks. Thus the new MobileMe Status page with its preface: "Steve Jobs has asked me to write" (though "me" him/herself is not named).

At first we're reminded Apple can stick to the talking points better than half the pundits in Washington, as all our favorites are recycled: "rocky road", "1%", but then -- remarkably -- we get this:

Last Friday a serious problem with one of our mail servers blocked those members’ access to their MobileMe mail accounts. As of today a team was able to restore limited web access to those accounts so the affected members can use their browsers to read mail that has arrived since last Friday (though not before) as well as send and receive new mail. The team has already begun rolling out restoration of full access for all the accounts and expect to finish by the end of next week. We particularly regret to report the loss in the affected accounts of approximately 10% of the messages received between July 16 and July 18.

The mystery "me" goes on to explain some of the problems with the WebApps (unexpected traffic surge at launch), and says they've fixed some IMAP mail issues, Calendar bugs, scaling problems, and general performance.

Overall, good first step, but as anyone used to dealing with Apple knows, there's plenty a trip twixt each step on the way to accountability. Let's keep them coming, "me"!

And if you're one of the 1%-ers still without email, you may want to subscribe to the page's RSS feed so your favorite newsreader can alert you every other day or so when a new update gets posted.

Note: There's also been an update to Apple's Knowledge Base article on the matter.

(Via MacRumors)

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MobileMe: Jobs Mandates Regular Status Updates, Some Email Lost


I have spoke to a few customer relations people at Apple over the course of the last nine days, trying to emphasize how frustrated those of us in the 1% category are at the seeming lack of "prioritization" we have received since Mobile Me (nee .Mac mail) went down July 18. Although, based on the email received last night, Apple has re-committed itself towards resolving the issue, I do not see anything related to compensating those of us in the unfortunate 1% category. When asked about compensation, Apple keeps sticking by its "generous offer of 30 day extension of membership" but I don't feel that is a sympathetic response.
According to articles I've read online, Apple has approximately 2 million members. This means that 20,000 of us have been impacted over the last 8 days (and counting). We represent $2.6M of $256M in annual revenue from Mobile Me.
Apple extended ALL contracts 30 days. This means that 99% of Apple's mail base received compensation without suffering the catastrophic meltdown the 1% of us have been asked to endure.
The 30 day extension "cost" Apple $21.5M. Does it seem fair that we, the 1%, only represent $215K of this amount and yet we've endured the BRUNT of Apple's "serious issue with one of our mail servers that has prevented you from accessing your Mobile Me mail account for the last week"? Is that all we are worth to Apple? $215K?? Do they honestly believe a 30 day extension of our contracts and the statement "We apologize for this service outage and the frustration it has caused you" is enough for the 1% of us that have been impacted, losing email, inability to send or receive email, now currently only able to access our email via the Web, not via our Applications which, thankfully, is the ONLY way many of us will EVER have access to our emails prior to July 18th.
We need to get Apple to see that restitution to the 1% of its Mobile Me customer base above and beyond the 30 day extension is the "right thing to do". Repairing our confidence in Apple's email service is in the companies best interest. And compensating the 1% of its customer base above and beyond what the other 99% also received would be a small start in the healing process.