MobileMe Update: David G. Says Mail Restored, Sync Resolved

MobileMe: Apple Apologizes Again

Apple anonymized "blogger" David G. is back with the 3rd in Steve Jobs' promised regular MobileMe status updates, and this time it's all good news... at least from their perspective.

First up, the 1%ers, 60-100% of whom have been missing 100% of their email for over two weeks now:

We have completed restoring Mail service, including historical messages, to all of the 1% of affected members. Thank you all for your extreme patience during this trying time. If you have been affected by this issue and are still having problems we have established a dedicated chat line to reach a MobileMe Mail specialist for help.

Next, that nasty sync bug that saw data wiped out for some users over the weekend:

For some users this caused their contact and calendar data to disappear from their devices, but not from their computers or the MobileMe cloud. When we fixed the bug in the late afternoon, the problem resolved itself for most users: their data simply reappeared on their iPhone or iPod Touch. If you are one of those affected users and your data has not automatically reappeared, follow the steps at this link to restore your data.

David G. hopes that with this, Apple's MobileMe woes will largely become a thing of the past, and they can concentrate their resources on improving the service overall (and restoring the faith of their user-base, right Apple?).

Another update is promised for later in the week.

So, how about it? Anyone still suffering MobileMe mail meltdown? Stuck in sucktastic sync-loops? Has Apple been able to help? Please let us know.

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Reader comments

MobileMe Update: David G. Says Mail Restored, Sync Resolved


I just canceled my MM trial in advance of wasting $100. In 20 years of using a wide variety of computer products (hardware and software) I have never been so horrified as I was with the role out of MM. "Buggy" doesn't even begin to describe the complete lack of functionality that Apple delivered. I wasted literally hours and hours of my life trying to make a service work - a service, mind you, that promised it would. It didn't work with Outlook (in any reliable way), sometimes it didn't even work between phone/cloud, it didn't work with Exchange, it didn't work with IE, and Outlook Calendar simply never functioned at all - or if it did - appointments briefly synced and then disappeared. If you scan the boards, you'll see story after story of attempted work-arounds, destroyed calendars, permanently lost contacts, ad nauseum.
Data losses, disappearing data, seriously flawed synchronization in multiple directions, lack of support for the dominant browser, lack of support for Exchange (the very thing it was supposed to emulate) - AND lack of support for their users. Poor planning, over-confidence, shoddy programming - who knows. The precise opposite of everything I had been coming to expect of Apple - it just didn't work.

Yeah thats right all the woes are gone, anyone that believes that I have some gold bars to sell me.
I contacted chat several weeks ago and my case was escalated. In two weeks I have been contacted by escalated support twice. I reply almost immediately to their requests but hey just how great can escalated support be when your emailing.
My woes:
1. I have double cal events
2. I have missing events that are on the cloud but disappeared in Outlook
2.5. I have forced all events from Me to Outlook but some refuse to go so they stay awal.
3. Since issues, I set up another Outlook to see how it goes, now I get error messages all the time telling me sync could not happen because it is going on somewhere else.
Why cant these people just make a phone call? I would be satisfied with chat for low level support but when you escalate it you really need more conversation than once a week interactions with a tech apologizing that they did not get back to you in a week. I already ordered my first Mac and I am afraid I made a mistake since I am seeing this kind of support.

I did not get .Mac last year for their syncing, I got it because I host a website through them and it is amazingly easy to update my site by just hitting the "Publish" button.
When the transition happened, there were some bugs for a few days and I had to cease updates until they were back on track. A few days later, I was good to go.
Since I still don't use all the stuff they're selling with this MobileMe, I'm not ready to jump ship... but I do feel everyone's pain and hope for the best.

MobileMe has been an absolute let down. I was one of the idiots that watched the Keynotes, and fell for the "It works perfectly" statement and DEMONSTRATION. I cant believe what a mess this has turned out to be. I left my blackberry in the dust for this crap.
I love how you can’t call MobileMe support, they will only open chat sessions, and if that person can’t help, they say it’s beyond their knowledge and will have to escalate the issue to a MobileMe specialist. What A freaking joke that is. The specialist was supposed to contact me via EMAIL (email…WTF!!) and help me within 72 hours. Needless to say it’s been almost double that, and no response. Im shocked at how pathetic apples customer service is. I literally feel like somebody punched me in my face, stole my blackberry and took 100$ out of my pocket.
Advice to anyone looking into MobileMe.... RUN THE OTHER WAY. Check back in about a year hopefully by then apple gets decent servers and leases better lines to carry the data to and from this magical "cloud".

Let me add my name to the list of people canceling MobileMe except that I can't figure out how to do it. I called the iPhone line and after waiting a half an hour the "specialist", or was it a "genius", told me that she didn't know how to cancel it either and what's more, she couldn't cancel it for me. The first time the "cloud" did the synche, it erased all my contacts. The "genius" told me that happens sometimes but that they usually come back after several hours. What was I supposed to do if I had to call someone in the meantime? MoblileMe is a real ripoff and I would like to warn everyone to steer clear of it. 1% with problems my ass.

Well, I spoke today with Iphone support through Optus Australia and was not aware of the issues until I asked the question on google, "why can't I sync mail on my iphone with mobile me?"
...and here i am writing this. Spoke with iphone support and was informed that whilst the 60 day free trial is in progress, in Australia, not all mobile me functions are in full service. i.e, cant sync calendars and contacts. Well, I have been able to sync contacts, but calendars, not so much.
I am running all mac environment and you would have thought to get people on side with mobile me that you would have everything working before you launch.
Especially when you descide to slug them $100+ for the privelige. I had a .mac account prior and was automatically transferred when Apple pushed the button!
It is kind of like Bentley releasing the continental to the public before the shape has been sculpted from you get to pay for a large block of useless c#$p!
I was then given the fob and told to speak with an apple representative directly next time I had precious time to waste to visit an apple store. Doesn't matter how much icing you put on a cake...
Thankfully, I trust my own resources and back up to my own "cloud" that I can take with me wherever I go...portable disk!
nice to dream though apple!