MobileNotifier is a great start to what iOS notifications should be [jailbreak]

MobileNotifier is a great start to what iOS notifications should really look like. Keep in mind this app is still in beta before you go replacing LockInfo. I've been playing with MobileNotifier today and it's got a lot of potential.

One thing I really like is the ingenious way MobileNotifier makes use of the wasted space while multitasking. When the tray is pulled up, the top of the screen is really just a bunch of empty space. Why not make use of it? MobileNotifier does by putting all your notifications in it. The latest beta also adds support for a lockscreen mode. The app doesn't currently have any built-in settings but we'll have to keep in mind it's an early release of the app.

With an early release comes compatibility issues and bugs. BiteSMS currently doesn't seem to want to populate in MobileNotifier for me. Hopefully this and several other compatibility issues will be addressed in a future beta. Hit the jump for a couple more screens and to find out how you can grab MobileNotifier!

You can get MobileNotifier for free by adding the following repo to Cydia -

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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MobileNotifier is a great start to what iOS notifications should be [jailbreak]


I'm loving MobileNotifier.. My only issue is that after some time my screen no longer turns on when I get a notification.

This is cool but the top bar should be smaller though.
(to apple, this is a idea you can copy and improve upon)

I think the space under the Spotlight search is easier to access and more "wasted" than when the Multitasking tray is open.
Sadly, I'm TeamPure so I'll have to wait and see what official answer Apple comes up with.

I too agree with you, Lets wait for the official answer. Fot latest on iPhone,ipad,ipod,apple,Android and Jailbreak visit www ene wsp lus . com thanks

I tried mobile notifier out a while ago. I switched to notify pro with the new scrolling status bar notifications. I like it much better but that has a lot to do with my use of multifl0w.

Does email not populate in this app? You said BiteSMS doesn't work, iRealSMS won't either (though this is somewhat negligible considering the quick reply function of both apps). I would like the ability to swipe and remove a notification instead of having to click it as well. If they can address these and other issues this app will be awesome. Presently it will also need a favorites bar to really beat out Lockinfo for my daily use.

I feel the same as you. I use BiteSMS religiously. Until it supports it, it's a no go for me. Still a neat little app to keep your eye on.
I'd also like it to show more than just one banner across the lock screen that says how many notifications there are. Tapping that should expand to a quick view on the LockScreen too.

This looks elegant enough. The notification at the top in the first image may not really work, it's probably not the best solution compared to the alert. Although the bar blocks out only the top column of apps rather than the entire screen like the current alert does, I don't see apple replicating that form.
They can preview notifications on the very top of the screen where the time is , which can expand to twice it's size , we see this when we go on a phone call , record audio etc. Since that bar is already able to double without drastically changing the springboard, apple may find that to be a better solution.
I definitely agree with double tapping the home screen to show notifications, I didn't think of that. Maybe they had that in mind but didn't want to send that out yet but wanted us to get use to the multitasking I/O but that doesn't justify why we have to wait so long for a proper solution to notifications.
I like this...

Just downloaded this and.... Nothing works, even after a reinstall. Early version/beta or not, how are you supposed to test something that flat out doesn't work? I'll keepit until an update just in case. Looks like it has a lot of potential. Nice and simple; Apple style.

There are quite a few bugs and compatibility issues. Presently programs like Bite, iReal, Mail, and a few others aren't working. I'm still using LockInfo so for now, I just changed the Cydia settings to let me know when there are updates even when I don't have it installed so then I know when they're working on it and I can give it another try. It's definitely a neat little app with a beautiful concept. If they can pull it off, I can see myself using this instead of LockInfo.

Awesome way of doing notifications. I absolutely love it. But why did you take those screenshots at midnight?

I don't want things that look like they came from Android or Window Mobile or S60 to of witch are platforms that are no langer around and for a resone and these UIs concepts are part of the reasons so no this should not be on the iPhone (iOS) because it does not repensent Apple at all.

Robert Najafabadi, what you said makes no sense.
Even though slightly broken, notified pro is worlds ahead this app. It has several notification plugins including a statusbar ticker that scrolls the message horiztonally. Activation of the notification logs is set via activator. Most people I assume are using swipe down from statusbar. Much quicker and elegant than double pressing home.
Personally I use it for the statusbar notifications and lockinfo shade for logs and multiple alerts. A few fixes would make notified perfect. Apple really needs to step it up in os5. I don't see why they won't. At a bare minimum there needs to be a way to see all your notifications in one place and dismiss or activate them.

This is excellent, I like like the simplicity.. Notified had to many settings which kind of put me off it. Hopefully they keep up the good work and keep working on this.

Tried, and even though it is a great start I still think that a LockInfo + Popup Blocker set up is way better. I feel that MobileNotifier's notifications are almost as obstrusive as Apple's. With LockInfo + Popup Blocker you can block all the notifications, and it will show up on the StatusBar.

Agreed. I like the idea of seeing notifications as they happen but the bar is way too big. I like the multitasking tray idea and the UI, but I think the way notifications present as they occur should be tweaked.

Just downloaded it and so happened to have an alarm set to go off. I couldn't turn the alarm off after I clicked later. It just kept going off. I completely deleted the alarm and it kept going off. Had to reboot the iphone to get it to stop. I rely on my alarm too much for this to happen. I'll try again before I write MobileNotifier off.

I installed correctly but I'm not seeing any notifications. What's it work with? Text only? Whatsapp?

I can't get the repo to work for me. I realized my bitesms wasn't notifying me anymore, so I thought if try And reinstall. When I go to add the repo I just get "this is a bad URL" or "you're trying to add a legacy(?) repo"...why oh why oh whyyyy?