Mockups of purported iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C emerge

New images have emerged out of Asia, that claims to accurate mockups of the next products to come in the iPhone line, the iPhone 5s and the 'low-cost' iPhone 5c. These aren't actual devices, but are purportedly mocked up units constructed by an accessory manufacturer so they can get a jump start on production before launch. The images come courtesy of Vietnamese site Tinhte (translated):

5S rumored iPhone will be a slight upgrade from the iPhone 5, similar to the traditional 4 4S and Apple

5C iPhone models have almost exactly the same size iPhone 5, the corners are more rounded, lumpy skin is not smooth but slightly lighter. Notably, the buttons made ​​from plastic, not metal.

If these units pan out to be accurate, it would reflect what we've heard from previous leaks, and more so the kind of upgrade we would expect from Apple to a new 'S' model of the iPhone. The main difference seems to be in the flash, with the unit showing the rumored dual-LED flash set to debut in the iPhone 5s. Plastic, plastic and more plastic would be consistent with what we've been seeing and hearing thus far with respect to the 5C, if indeed it is to be the much fabled 'low-cost' iPhone.

Tinhte has a relatively solid record with pre-release leaks, not just for Apple products either, so their credentials aren't in question. If the iPhone is to be updated come the fall as we all hope and expect it to be, then trusted partners will already be gearing up production of accessories through the use of such mockups. Indeed, almost 12 months ago at IFA 2012 in Berlin, myself and Alex Dobie of Android Central came across an iPhone 5 mockup in the hands of an accessory manufacturer which turned out to be a pretty identical likeness to the finished product.

Hit the source link below for a whole raft of comparison pictures between the two and the current iPhone 5. What do you think of them? Or do you think its too early yet to be taking these kind of leaks seriously?

Source: Tinhte via 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Mockups of purported iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C emerge


If the leaks are accurate, it sounds like iOS 7 will remain the big news for the year, not a unique, substantial innovation in hardware. I love Apple, but I sure do look longingly at some of the beautiful handsets offered by HTC, Samsung, etc. I'm interested to see how the Fall announcements play out...

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Call me spoiled, but perhaps a handset redesign each year, rather than just an 'S' variant. Apple does such a great job designing hardware. New screen size variations, exterior color options and something unique that is quintessentially Apple. Perhaps the other phone manufacturers create gimmicky hardware features that fade after that particular model is manufactured...which we all know isn't something Apple does. Maybe I just have a wandering eye these days after years of using iPhones exclusively...

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@jiden77 - you say "but perhaps a handset redesign each year, rather than just an 'S' variant. Apple does such a great job designing hardware. New screen size variations, exterior color options and something unique that is quintessentially Apple."

But history (not just the iPhone) shows that what they are doing is quintessentially Apple. They don't change with the wind. They are the leader, historically, in design. Not to say they are the only one to make nice hardware, but look at computers. Before the original iMac, beige boxes everywhere. Before the TiPowerBook, no brushed metal laptops.

Others change often to differentiate themselves from a pack of the same. Apple, and their OSes, are the differentiator.

I absolutely hate this argument (assuming I'm reading what you wrote with the right inflection). The "It's a rectangle with a screen, what more can Apple really do?" or even worse "these devices are really starting to mature...going forward we'll see evolutionary changes, like a bigger one, or a smaller one, but what else can they really do?"

These types of arguments are such copouts. Innovation never stops when we become extinct. Anyone who thinks the iPhone, iPad, or any smartphone or tablet has evolved to the pinnacle of its form factor just isn't thinking big enough.

There are plenty of new and exciting things that can be done besides thinner, lighter, bigger, smaller. Higher definition screens. Better types of screen technology. Ergonomics (think of that teradrop-shaped iPhone 5 mockup from 2011). Exciting new materials (liquid metal). Speaker technologies, Wireless technologies, I mean the list goes on and on.

The last thing Apple can afford to do these days is succumb to the "what really can they do anymore?" crowd. They need to get off their laurels and innovate. I think the fabled fingerprint reader is a good start. It adds another dimension to the iPhone in the form of a new sensory input. If the iPhone 5S doesn't have a fingerprint reader...then goodbye 18% marketshare...and hello Windows Phone 8 territory.

The main thing I'd like to see in terms of hardware innovation (and this wouldn't even really be innovation) is a bigger iPhone with about a 4.5" screen. I think it could be done without adding too much bulk or weight. I'd buy that in a heartbeat. The current 4" screen is still too small and narrow for me and my big hands, so I don't think I'll be buying any iPhone this year. Maybe next year.

My WP-Nokia-using colleagues have better cameras and location services, and better first-party software in general. Apple's own iPhone software is falling behind in quality quite alarmingly. I do not know if iOS 7 will help, since I have not used any of the so-called betas. Currently, we even have to rely on a colleague's Nokia to navigate, since Apple Maps is so poor that I no longer trust it a bit. It is a kind of embarrassing state of affairs on a thousand dollar phone. But I am sure all Apple are going to do is add more pixels to the screen and dual LED flash or whatever nonsense again instead of fixing things like Mail or Maps or Notes/Calendar or cloud syncing or iTunes etc.

You know, you can get Nokia Maps on iPhone...

Also, I agree Nokia's first-party WP stuff is excellent, but they don't have to make the OS as well, do they? They take what someone else has developed, slap it on and spend their time developing some apps. Apple does have a lot more on its plate.

"Apple Maps is so poor"

Seriously? I travel a lot, and I use my iPhone and Apple Maps to get everywhere and I've never had an issue.

Apple Maps is utter crap - *especially* for anyone on an iPhone 4. It has no 3D turn-by-turn directions, despite the fact that every third party map service does (Google Maps, Waze, TomTom, etc.) and if you're outside of major metropolitan areas you can't find squat because there are no Yelp results. And the rest of Apple's built-in software is just as bad. You could randomly choose a weather app from the App Store and come up with something better than the built-in app. Ditto for stocks, camera, etc. Apple needs to get off their rumps and do better. This goes double for hardware, where Apple used to be the clear leader of the pack and now is behind in multiple categories: screen size, camera megapixels, low light shooting, cost, etc.

The only other phone that is even remotely as sexy as the iPhone 5 is the HTC One. The aluminum unibody with polished edges is miles above the build quality of any plastic Samsung rival; and I just can't see why I would want a screen that would be too large to use with one hand. That's what my tablet or desktop are for.

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I agree with you..... I find it funny people wish each years iphone model changes its look aesthetically, but will buy Air Jordan's every year that haven't changed their look since they came out in the 90's. I believe there is a point where something isn't necessarily perfect, but is damn near close. With that being said the focus in regards to the iphone should be software innovation. Personally I will take Quick Reply over having a phone that can take pictures under water.

I dont Know how more complex phones can get. It would be cool though if phones could drive your car but Google already has that in the process. Lol

To me, and I can understand if others think or feel differently, the iPhone 5 looks more like the iPhone 4S and 4 than it looks different. I'm not saying there haven't been changes, I know there have been (most notably making it longer, adding the aluminum backing) but that it's the same essential design since the 4: flat back and front, flat sides, aluminum band along the sides. Which looks great. And I don't think it has to change just to be different. It should make changes when those changes make it better. And on that note, one thing I hope they change in some future iPhone design, is to go back to some rounded back design. Which I understand may never happen. The flat backs look really good, but they don't feel nearly as good to me as the 3G/S. I'm not saying they feel bad, but they don't feel good in that they aren't as ergonomic for the hands. When I first held an iPhone, it wasnt just the smooth multitouch or beautiful graphics or user friendly software I loved. I was also delighted by how good it felt to hold it.

RobertBloom I completely agree. I loved the feel of the 3G/s. I would welcome that design back with a screen that doesn't just extend vertical! Apple IMHO still is great at design and true enough how much more can you possibly do to a phone (triangle I suppose)? Software I do believe is key at this point for Apple, and a bigger screen might be good to have as an option.