Monday Brief: Google I/O, BlackBerry Live, the Lumia 925, iOS getting BBM... and a fond farewell

Ashley Esqueda

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Rene Ritchie says:

Thank you Ashley, for every video, every laugh, every smile, every moment. And best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Kick all the ass.

west3man says:

OT: Sorry to derail, Rene, but, my account merger didn't go quite as expected. Tweeting didn't result in a reply and I don't see where else to ask for help. Suggestions?

gwydionjhr says:

Mondays just won't be the same! Good Luck over at TechnoBuffalo, looking forward to what you do there. #apossuminyourhonour

Richard Devine says:

Rene put it better than I ever could! Absolute best of luck and definitely kick all of the ass :)

west3man says:

Rene stole my line. :-)

Good luck, Ashley. Thanks for putting up with our drooling and other foolishness.

Good OL MC says:

Well that was a surprise. Will miss you on Monday's at Mobile Nations, Ashley. Good luck.

Leanna Lofte says:

Gonna miss your face on iMore every Monday morning! Thanks for being awesome, Ashley! See ya on the internet! :)

TekNiKal says:

Will there be a new host for the Monday Brief? Or will those that are interested in multiple platforms have to visit each individual site? Personally, I read the iMore and AC blogs. But it was nice to know what was going on in the world of CB, WP and WebOS. Good luck Ashley!