Monday Brief: On a Wednesday!

It began, as many things do with an idea -- I was in NYC for #TM13, along with all our Mobile Nations site editors, Kevin Michaluk, Phil Nickinson, and Daniel Rubino, Rene Ritchie, and Georgia, and we had Martin Reisch and his RED Scarlet 4K camera. So, we figured "why not shoot the Monday Brief in 4K!". And therein began the longest Odyssey in Monday Brief history.
The shooting itself went pretty well, with Georgia and myself kicking things off, and Kevin doing his best to finish the show with a bang. Then things started getting complicated. Turns out it takes a long, long, long time edit and render 4K video, and a really long time to upload it. Even longer when things go weird along the way.  In any case, we got it all sorted now and as such we bring you, the Monday Brief.. on a Wednesday.

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    There are 14 comments. Add yours.

    vianar says:

    Still says private for me.

    dustycraine says:

    Yeah, me too. =) Poor Mobile Nations gang.

    dustycraine says:

    Hey, we're an excitable bunch. Refreshed. And it's visible!

    reactortrip says:

    Yey, people that don't look constipated!

    dehrlich01 says:

    Rene -

    Lose the blazer & t-shirt combination.

    demontooth says:

    Yes definitely. Quite the odd look.

    kataran says:

    needs a spotlight on the phones it was to dark.....did like the backdrop thou

    very nice Ashley

    Jenna Jameson says:

    I was doing just fine with this vid until Phil came into the picture.

    No offense dude, but A & G together like that..........boing!

    dfb8085 says:

    god it was great wasn't it. A & G together

    SockRolid says:

    Let's see now. What could "TM13" mean?
    How about:

    Talking Mobile 2013
    The Mobile (Show) 2013
    Totally Mobile 2013
    Total Mobility 2013
    Trans-Mobile 2013
    Touch Mobile 2013
    Toto Mobo 2013
    Touchscreen Mafia 2013

    Did I guess right?

    SockRolid says:

    And why would everybody need to go to New York City for such a long time? Let me guess: to record videos in some kind of fancy studio?

    jkomo001 says:

    Best brief, funny and informative! thanks MN