Monday crazy video: tired of all the iPad news? [NSFW-L]

smashing iPad

It's iPad launch weekend, and since iPad runs iPhone OS it's the big news here at TiPb (and pretty much all of geekdom) but if for some reason you're tired of Apple's latest mobile device, if you don't think what happens this spring for iPad has a direct bearing on what you'll see this summer for iPhone, if you're just sick and tired of even reading about, hearing about, or knowing the iPad exists -- here's the video for you.

(And if you're not, if you love your iPad, we warn you now -- don't watch it or it'll make you madder than CrackBerry Kevin during a RIM outage. We're not kidding, waste and attention seeking grotesquery is not something you can ever unsee!)

Video after the break (NSFW-L).

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Monday crazy video: tired of all the iPad news? [NSFW-L]


5 Stars! Stupid giant iPod Touch XL and Steve Jobs milking more money out of the consumers. Can we beat Steve Jobs with a bat next?

No life, what idiots. Spent hundreds of dollars just to smash it. Real classy. I'm sick of the iPad news too, but I wouldn't smash the damn thing.

That was pointless.. if u don't like the ipad don't buy it. If anything is learned here its Apple still got paid, and a kid paid $500 plus to look like a fool in front of best buy!!!

Hey TK can we beat you with bat! You know no one is forcing anybody to buy the iPad. And for boys that beat the iPad I am glad they have so much money to throw away.

ATTENTION F'tards worldwide,
The next time you feel the urge to buy a piece of new technology just to destroy it, contact me at first. I'll give you directions on where to send any extra cash you feel the urge to throw away.

Ignorant over-privileged jerks. They could have donated $500 to charity (perhaps for Haiti relief). And it's not like they're some cool anti-Apple rebels- if you read their comments, they bought 3 iPads and kept 2 to use for themselves. So it's not even as if they hate Apple or the iPad. They're just bored juveniles with money to burn and no common sense.

What a waste! That money could have gone to lots of good use. Sick of I pad myself. Where is our I phone? First born and always the best.

What I got out of this is that the ipad is pretty tough. The glass did not shatter after the first drop. The guys did turn it on to check because it's a demo shell only (not a functional unit). If it was real, the electronics would be falling out of it upwards the end of the vid.

Zeagus, you didn't beat up your winnings with a baseball bat? You wasted a chance to be famous on YouTube?
What is this world coming to?
(After thinking about it, dressing up like a horse and singing Celine Dion karaoke would look equally stupid and still be a heck of a lot cheaper than destroying an iPad.)

Thing I thought about was what a bunch of wimps. They had an aluminum bat, it took several hits for them to do any damage. In the end they just bent the iPad (only after they stepped on it) and separated the screen. Not only do I question their intelligence for throwing away that amount of money to make a 2 minute youtube, they also are weak wimps.

The iPad came out, the iPad was smashed. The circle of life is complete... great... now lets move on and talk about the iPhone again.

what a junk. My Handspring Visor can take a drop off a bridge and still work. Hahaha.. Just kidding.
Can someone please tell these idiots not to take video in portrait? The damn iPhone is creating a mess of portrait video's on YouTube. :)

The cool thing is that the device is quite compact! I really me relieves me about the dissaster of it slipping off my hands or something!

Good video made by idiots. Helps Apple show just how well the iPad is built. I bought one and now know that if I should accidentally drop it will more than likely with stand the fall. Thanks for the video and wasting your money.

It is kind of interesting the glass on the screen broke, it looks like safety glass and didn't shatter or start to chip like I've seen iPhone screens do.

Have you fanboys stopped to think that they probably made MORE money from this video? Like those guys that smashed the 360, PS3 and Wii? Its a publicity stunt, they get paid to smash crap on launch day. And no I don't have to play with an iPad to know that its a giant iPod Touch, it runs the iPhone OS which I've played with, so its all the same. And I'd like to see you try and beat me with a bat, just come and find me and I'll let you, that's if you can get your fat butt outside into the light.

Im slightly, well, surprised.
There's three possibilities:
1. They bought it to smash it to push their egos
2. They smashed another person's iPad
3. They bought it to smash it to earn more money from the Youtube Views.
1 and 2 would sadden me. I am anything but an Apple Fanboy, but seeing Apple-Haters throwing out money of a window just to show that they do not like the Apple would make me ashamed of sharing their views to what extent whatsoever...

I think "Wow" is right. Looks like a store Demo unit. My guess, after seeing these juvi idiots, they more than likely stole the unit from someone or the store.

I agree. I was a hater on the iPad before but after playing with it I actually like it. I'll definately buy one eventually. The fact these morons paid $500+ to buy it and smash it is just dumb. Thats why the economy sucks because people waste money like this. Like stated above Steve Jobs never forced anyone to buy anything so dont hate on him.

Guys, I think you've all been had. It dawned on me that they are outside of one of the "select Best Buy stores" selling iPad at launch. The color scheme,shape and the employee in the ever obvious khaki and blue gave it away. After nticing that my first thought was that they got the rather inexpensive Best Buy Black Tie Protection (as little as 10 dollars per month) which states that as long as you can bring the device back in, we will repair or replace it for you as many times as you want for just 10.00 a month. So while they may appear to be idiots, something tells me they took it back in, and in a few days will be touching their new found toy in a much more loving manner.

@Jerry I am pretty sure Best Buy has a clause in that contract that would void the protection plan if the physical damaged was done with intent. Seeing as there is a Best Buy employee there filming it as well as several surveillance cameras probably covering that area, I would think that Best Buy is not obligated to replace this iPad. However, I could be wrong as my argument depends on the clause I mentioned in the protection plan.

I was warned.. And i failed to listen..
i want to cry right now.. and puke.. im a little edgy about not being able to get my ipad right nowbecause of short money..

@Al, I'm pretty certain (as a Best Buy manager) there is no such clause. However the store can refuse to replace if they saw the malice. Thing is, Best Buy's everywhere will honor the plan, kids can blame it on a jealous girlfriend or drunk bud. I've had people come in with their iPhones and Palm Pre's with scratches on them, and because of the cosmetic flaw the plan doesn't really apply, so they will go out and snap the phones, bring them back in and we honor them. There are lots of "best buy loop holes" people love to exploit to get new or refurbished products. Sprint customers always come in to get a phone under new contract price, then they call and cancel the line and have a 500.00 phone for 99.00 lol.

ever see people without a future beat up people coz they're bored? this is the same but for kids with daddy's money. sick perverts with too much time on their hands. only these get protected by society coz they and their own got vested interests. human nature. sad. impress your peers by beating something or someone up. can't wait for global heating to wipe mankind out. and no, god does not exist.

seeing this made me so happy. Seeing everyone go "WAH WAH WAH they broke a shiny new toy that other people could have used" made me even more happy. Go get a netbook so you can actually get things done. So while fanboys blow 600$ (and yes you CAN get it cheaper, but the cheaper ones are so craptastic i wont even consider them as real) on something so incredibly useless, ill use my 200$ netbook, on the network of my choosing. Oh and ill also use the apps of my choice, whether Furor Jobs likes the app or not.

I'm amazed how durable it was. First couple drops appeared to have no effect, even the first bat smash did little.
I'm betting they rolled some poor fanboy on the way home from the Apple store or ripped it off somewhere.

Haha, it's funny to see this posted the day after I submit it ;)
and even funnier seeing how uptight people get when stuff like this is done ;)

@Jerry I guess I stand corrected lol. You as a Best Buy manager obviously know your plans a little better than I do, so I will not argue over it no matter how ridiculous it is that people get away with this. Like ermax said, this is similar to insurance fraud although I am not sure if it would exactly qualify as insurance fraud without doing further research.

That's the other "crazy little catch" Best Buy Black Tie Protection isn't "insurance" In order for it to be insurance it would have to cover lost/stolen. That's the line we give people anyway. So the smart consumer could use that same line against us if they were ever accused of fraud.

What a bunch of morons, how stupid can you get - I don't want an iPad so I'm not going to buy one. These idiots have wasted money, resouces, bandwith - you name it 

Welcome to the generation of children that have no respect for the value or cost of something, who have never had to work for what they have. I'm soon leaving one of my jobs. The last checks I recieve will be spent as a bonus to myself. I will buy an Ipad with my hard earned money. These kids will go home and get some more allowance and buy another. It's really a waste.

@Jerry & @Al
Yes you can buy the Black Tie protection plan on it, however the most you can pay, is for a service called ADH, meaning "Accidental Handling" (Dropping it into the swimming pool doesn't count) All technology is run through the Geek Squad guys. If they notice that it has been bashed in, then its a no-go. No offense, BBY manager, but most managers do not know about the clauses within the BTP plans. They usually have to ask the GS guys. We are heavily trained on the BTP plans.